Monday, October 3, 2011


Mercedes Kurtz has been my roommate the past 3 years and I love her! We were randomly set up as roommates and it worked out AMAZING! I was so lucky to get such an amazing roommate and girl! We became of the best of friends! We went through everything together and talked about everything! We were attached at the hip especially our last year eating every meal together, walking home from campus together, texted, called and then g-chatted between classes and spent all of our (semi) lonely weekends together being plain weird! Loved it! Here are some reasons why she has been a great friend over the years:

1. She was CRAZY with me, stayed up until 2am every night of Freshman year and went through the whole "writing" Aaron stage with me!
 2. She would do random things with me (like wearing matching jackets and going on a walk at midnight)
3. Mercedes put up with my MANY crazy obsessions. (Ex. High School Musical school in the background)
4. Mercedes would spend many weekends with me doing fun things together because we had no boys to do them with!
5. Mercedes would take 1,000's of random pictures with me and dress up in 80's gear just for fun on Finals Week, when we should have been studying! :)
6. Mercedes would EVEN dress up as a Flamingo and me as  Panda and go to the Zoo in 30 degree weather and walk around by ourselves, with NO that is what I call true friendship!
Mercedes enters the MTC on Wednesday! So happy but also so sad! I will miss her terribly! Watch out Charlotte, NC...get ready to be converted! Love You Mercedes! You will be the BEST Sister Missionary EVER! :)


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