Saturday, June 21, 2014


When we got back from Park City we finished packing up all of our stuff from Grandma's and got ready to move!
Steve was nice enough to let us borrow his truck and trailer and so Aaron filled it up and then we headed to Provo.
I took some pictures of my Grandma's basement where we had been living the past year. 
The family room:
The other half of the living room:
The hallway:
Bennett's room (his crib is where the porta-crib is):
Our room:
The stairs:
The bathroom:
The laundry room/fridge/pantry:
The outside and front yard:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Park City

I have the sweetest Grandparents in the world and along with my parents they got my family, along with Carlie and Aaron, a little hotel room in Park City for the week. It was a celebration of a hard year for us and a "babymoon" for Carlie and Aaron before their baby came. We loved it! We stayed at the Marriott Mountainside resort and it was perfect for us! We participated in all of the activities they had going on. Aaron, Aaron and Carlie had to head down during the week to go to work and school so Bennett and I explored the hotel during the day.

Here are some fun pics we took outside in the snow, wind and 30 degree weather.
We all went and explored Main Street one of the days. It was really warm outside but we loved walking outside and seeing the little shops.
As you can tell from the above pictures...Bennett loves looking at the camera and cooperating for the camera ;)
Here we are on the bus that shuttled us from our Hotel to Main Street
Tried to take some family photos once back at the hotel. Someday we will figure out how to get B to smile for the camera.

Some other activities that we did at the hotel included:
playing the Wii. The boys loved sitting on the couch and playing video games, because they never get a chance to just sit and do that.
Like I said we participated in a lot of the resort activities, the people in charge really got to know us. We played BINGO, made candy sushi, took part in the homemade chili gathering and so much more.
Bennett and I hung out most mornings in our pj's and ate breakfast and watched cartoons while everyone else was gone at school and work.
There was a gathering area called "The Mine" where they played movies, had activities, toys and other things that Bennett loved but of course he always gravitated to the electronics he should not touch.
But he did love the bird who I am surprised he didn't kill. And he also loved the Thomas the Train toy and could play with it for hours.
There was a movie theater that was so fun! They had a popcorn machine and everything. Aaron and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks there. There were also movies during the day that I tried to get Bennett to watch but he would rather just pull down the screen.
The last night Matt and Lauren came and joined us and we had a yummy dinner, we played games, chatted all night and then some went and jumped in the pool. 
We were sad to leave the hotel the next morning but it was the perfect week and vacation for us!
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