Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An "Out of the Ordinary" Day

Aaron and I left our house this morning at 6:50 to get me to a school in Orem where my math class was teaching. It said it would take 22 minutes "in traffic" to get there and I didn't have to be there until 7:35, plenty of time. We got on the freeway and we were driving until we hit some traffic...major traffic. I was fine and calm because we had left ourselves plenty of time...well traffic didn't move, EVER! We sat in the car and I started to panic because my teacher does NOT accept late work OR people! I started to get, what we coined to be "Angry Eyes".
Anyways...we ended up being in traffic for 90 minutes! To get from Springville to the University Parkway exit! Crazy! I got to the school right as everyone was leaving. Oh Man!

Another random thing happened while we were driving. I had to put a video up on YouTube for one of my classes (it was an ABC book thing). And while we were driving today I got a random comment (which I never have before) on it that said, "I is for Ice Skater? I don't understand." Aaron and I laughed at the randomness of it. Then, 20 minutes later, I got another comment, from the same person saying, "I'm just kidding. You are really hot! Thanks, from: Columbia, South America. Haha, weird!

On campus today I was able to see Mercedes right before she entered the MTC! So excited for her!
That about wraps up today. Sorry for the randomness, but I had to report it for our future memory :)

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