Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving In...

It has been a process...and it has only been a couple days. The pictures don't nearly do it justice of all the stuff, boxes, gifts, clothes and other do-dads we had around the house.
 Aaron was wonderful enough to build and put together our kitchen table and so we finally had a nice our own kitchen table. This was kind of our "first meal" in our new apartment and it was on first day of school and Aaron's first day of work (aka 11 hours of separation) and so I had the meal out when he got home, the song "Home" by Micheal Buble playing in the background and a candle going. It was wonderful to be there when we got home for the day! I love "playing" wife ;)
 For one of our FHE activities (besides a hilarious game of charades...with only two people...and me writing all of the cards/topics down!) was updated our "relationship status" on Facebook. Here is the request I got from Aaron...he wants to be my spouse, how cute! ...I decided to confirm would be nice :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Wedding Week

So...I don't have our wedding photos back yet and so I thought I would fill you in on our "Pre-Wedding Week" and what we have been up to since then and then I will go back and fill in the rest (I have been away from blogging too long and have been dying to get back!)

The week-and-a-half before our wedding was CRAZY! It consisted of finishing up school, taking finals and moving our lives into our apartment (more like "dropping off" our lives!) Here we are after we got the keys to our apartment! Really excited...but also really tired!
We drove down home to Arizona on that Friday and then on Monday we went and got our Marriage License! Yay! It was pretty exciting...and expensive, Haha! It was exciting to "almost" be official!
Then on Wednesday...I went through the Mesa Arizona Temple, for the first time. What an amazing experience! (Below is my cute temple bag from my YW Leader, Sister Lamb).
I was so fortunate to have so many friends and family in attendance supporting me and loving me! It was an amazing and overwhelming sight to have them all there! Afterwards we went back to my house with the Hansen/Butler clan and had a wonderful time eating and meeting (good rhyming, eh?). Here are some pictures of the wonderful people who attended my special day!
Haha. I LOVE this picture. It is of Aaron's brother Jake and my sister Carlie...with our dog Toby!
My sweet cousin Natalie came down! I loved having her there!
 Me and my wonderful Mom!
 Me and Grandma Wray!
 Grandma and Grandpa Hansen!
The Butler Clan...with ALL the siblings!
 And one of my personal favorite pictures! I am now officially part of the family!
It was a wonderful, busy and crazy week finishing up all things wedding...but so worth it! It was actually filled with little stress or anxiety, just pure excitement! I couldn't wait to marry the man of my dreams! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up...

So this might quite possibly be my last blog post...for a couple weeks. Why is that you may ask? Well...we are getting married in NINE days, yep...crazy. I am in the process of packing up my room (can't you tell?) and so I thought I would take a break and finally write about our weekend. Truthfully...not much happened. We were both busy with school ending, studying and finals and so that is what our weekend consisted of. Friday night we headed up to Sandy to attend one of Aaron's mission friends Wedding Reception. It was beautiful and in this amazing greenhouse.
 It was so fun because we ran into many of Aaron's mission buddies and even an office couple. It was so fun to finally be introduced to people I had heard about and to meet people who had heard all about me!
After that we headed to Orem to go to Kacy Ann and Ryan Johnson's apartment for a fun game night! It was so fun to eat ice cream, play "wolverine" (aka. mafia) and get a taste for what marriage will be like! The next day Aaron and I met up at the library...and studied the whole day. So Fun! ;) That night though I had a Bridal Shower which was fun!
 My old roommates/friends were nice enough to throw me one and it was great to be with everyone! We did some fun games which included getting dressed in the dark, they passed out fake wedding rings to everyone, I got to wear a tiara and I got such nice gifts, it was so fun!
 Below are all my roommates from Freshman/Sophomore/Junior year...we have all been together at one point these past 3 years, and this might be the last picture we all have together for a while!
Aaron came over afterwards and we had a fun time talking and hanging out...he was sad he wasn't invited, Haha. Well...that is it. Sorry nothing more exciting to post. Maybe next time I will ;)

Oh, P.S. Aaron and I got the keys to our apartment today! Woo Hoo! We celebrated by doing "carpet angels" on the floor! Can't wait to move in and make it ours! Exciting!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Love:

We were friends long before we were anything else. I admired her before I fell in love with her, and marrying her was the best decision I have ever made.
-Quentin L. Cook

Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 Years Ago...

(This post is a little late...pretend like it was posted on August 3rd).
So you want to know how it began, well let me tell you...Aaron and I met our Senior year of High School. We lived in two different towns but a performing group, called LIGHT, brought us together. I remember the first workshop we had, before he arrived, that there was a "buzz" in the air about him and how amazing he was and that his voice was incredible..."note to self, get to know him." So the workshop started and we were separated into groups and then he, THE Aaron Butler, walked in, he was put in my group and stood next to me. We then all had to introduce ourselves to the person next to us and so we did...and that was it, true love. Haha. I wish I could say that we looked into each others eyes and knew we were destined to be together for eternity, but it was just a quick introduction. That's it. Little did we know that we were introducing ourselves to our future spouse. We should have said something more epic and rememberable like, " wanna get married 4 years from now?" :) Oh how grateful I am for that introduction!
This isn't from High School or when we met...but Aaron's jacket says LIGHT, so I thought it was applicable :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"A Few Of My Favorite Things..."

Am I so tired? Yes. Should I be doing homework? Yes. Am I going to blog instead? Duh!
Yesterday we went and saw the Sound of Music at the Sundance Theater. It was so cool! Aaron got there early and saved us seats and the me, Carlie and her date Alex joined up with him along with the Richard Wray Family and Uncle John.

We snuck in some food (even though we were not supposed to!) and enjoyed the scenery until the show started.
The main reason we went to see it was because of this cute little girl:
Our cousin, Addie Wray, played the part of Marta in the play. She was darling and did such a great job! What a talented little girl with a great voice. I snuck some pictures, here they are :)
Do you want to know another highlight of our experience??? We saw THIS MAN!
That's right folks...we saw Elder Dallin H. Oaks!!! We actually sat exactly 2 rows behind him! Isn't that so cool!?! We definitely took some stalker pictures of him, here they are for your enjoyment.
 And here is one of my favorite pictures of him...reading his conference talk. Ok, not really, but I like to pretend. Though he did talk to the group behind us during intermission. They asked him, "What is your biggest concern for the church?" He said, "The decrease in birth rates and increase in age of those getting married." Very profound I thought.
Ok, one other thing. Tonight, for Carlie's class, she had to reenact a family tradition with friends/roommates. She choose Christmas Eve. We did the Nativity. I was Mary. Aaron was Joseph. Enough Said. The End.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! :)
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