Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Fact Friday #2

Fact: Aaron hogs all of the blankets at night.
Before we got married we talked about how I slept with the sheet and covers pulled up to my neck, even in the middle of the summer. Aaron on the other hand only slept with a sheet over his stomach because he gets so warm at night...enough said. Luckily Aaron has conformed to wearing the comforter, but I am not sure I believe him when he says he is "warm" at night because EVERY night he steals all the covers and I am left with nothing and end up freezing. So, after this going on for a while we came up with a solution and here it is:
(ignore the messy room).
Last night we decided to tuck the covers in on my side tight underneath the bed so they wouldn't go anywhere and then I entered in on Aaron's side...and it worked! I stayed warm all night and had a comforter to sleep with and so did he! It is brilliant! (except when I need get up really early in the morning and I have to wake up Aaron so he can let me out of the bed!) We may do this the rest of our marriage! Glad we found a solution! Signed, the finally warm sleeper

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  1. That's hilarious! Glad you found a solution. :) I know for us, I always always buy the blanket/comforter one size bigger - if we're sleeping on a full, the blanket is queen-sized; if we're sleeping on a queen, the blanket is king sized. I don't know what I'll do when we get a king bed! Individual matching blankets?


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