Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Pre Halloween} Monster Mash

The Story's and my mom put on our fun annual Halloween Dinner for all us cousins! It was so much fun! This is year it was "Hat's Off To Halloween" so we all wore crazy hats! Below are some fun pictures from the night!
 The spooky decorated table! So cute! They even had dry ice in the bucket to make it spill all over the table!
 Aaron was a cowboy and I was Dr. Seuss I guess :)
 Cousin Love! Carlie and Emily! Nice Hats!
So below is the spooky menu we could choose from. As a table you had to decide what you wanted and in which order and then it was served to you! Since we didn't know what they were, we picked them all backwards! We got dessert first and our drinks last! Below are some of the items we ate :)
 That is pudding, oreos and a cookie! YUM!
 Bugs in "blood sauce"!
 Dracula's Liver!
And roaches on our pasta salad!
We then played a fun game about Hal-oweens dead body and we passed around and felt the different body parts in a bag and had to guess what they were. Here is Aaron feeling his eyeball (frozen grapes!)
We had such a fun time! Thanks family for putting it on! We loved it! Happy Halloween!


  1. I want to be in your family! You guys are so much fun!!!

  2. Way too much fun! This is a little late, but can you tell your mom that I love her?! I felt so special when I was in your wedding line and I went to introduce myself and she beat me to it. She knew me by name (by Autumn, nonetheless). I love her to death and I think she is amazing! Seeing this post just adds to how awesome she is. I agree with Melanie, I want to be part of your family! :)

  3. This looks so fun! I love the menu descriptions, haha!


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