Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pickin' Pumpkins...

On Saturday Aaron and I picked up Carlie and we went to a Pumpkin Patch located by our house in Springville. It was SO much fun! While there we went through a "Hay Maze" (non scary...of course!)
 Below is a little Harry Potter action going on. This is Carlie and I pretending to be Harry and Cedric in the 4th book racing to the end of the maze to get to the golden cup!
 The Happy Couple :)
 There was even a {disgusting} petting zoo there...they had a llama in a cage with a kangaroo and also the world's largest pig...or so I think. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.
And took an adorable siblings picture...is it just me or should this be on a dentist teeth whitening billboard! Haha.
We then went to the most amazing thing in the world...a huge pit of corn seeds. Kind of like a sand pit, but better! We had so much fun playing in it! We...
{buried our feet in it}
 {threw it in the air}
 {buried Aaron in it}
 {made snow corn angels in it} 
 {did the splits in it}  
 {TRIED to do the splits in it}
 We then went treking through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins to carve!
 We then came back to our apartment for some pizza, yummy homemade oreo ice cream and the carving of the pumpkins. We all sat on the living room floor and watched a movie while we did it :)
 Here are the final results of our long labor of carving! Carlie did...Mary Poppins! It turned out SO cute!
 Aaron did an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing!
And I did kind of an old time vintage shilouette of a girl. I thought it turned out cute though it is a little hard to tell what it is :)
Overall we had a really fun time and can't wait to make it family tradition of going to a pumpkin patch! Happy Halloween!

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  1. That has to be THE coolest pumpkin patch ever! Love your pumpkins!


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