Friday, September 30, 2011

Long Day At Work...

{Ok, I swear you will not hear from me for at least 3 or 4 days! Just bear through one more post!}
{This was written last night...}
Currently, as I am writing this post, Aaron is not home from work yet...and it is 11pm at night. He left me this morning at 6:30am! Holy Hannah! That is a long day for him but an even longer day for me! I have now cleaned and organized the house and done all my homework until next Wednesday! Whew! He is coming home in 15 minutes! Woo Hoo! Love this quote I found:
 Also, Aaron loves Rice Krispy Treats and wanted to have them for conference, but since we will be out of town, I made them tonight for him! (What else did I have to do!?!)
  P.P.S. He almost ate the WHOLE thing when he got home! YUM!

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