Sunday, December 1, 2013


Bennett gave himself a uni-brow at breakfast this morning with the apple/blueberry mush he was eating...he looks like an evil scientist or something


This year we got to go home for a long time and I was so grateful! Aaron's schedule makes it so he doesn't have class on Mondays and Fridays and so we headed home the Thursday before Thanksgiving. We dropped Grandma off at Jan's and headed through a crazy blizzard in Cedar City to arrive in St. George and stay the night. 
We left around 9 the next morning for a long day of driving. Bennett did A-MAY-ZZZING! Seriously! I never had to sit in the back with him, I never had to bring out any toys, he just slept, listened to the Beach Boys CD (probably 50 times the whole trip, no lie) and talked and played with himself. It rocked!
 We spent the next 5 days or so at my house visiting my family and going over to Aaron's house to visit as well. It was a relaxing couple of days with lunch dates, the aquarium, shopping, movies, lots of games and spending lots of time together. Aaron and I even got to go on a date to dinner and see Catching Fire! It was amazing to get out just the two of us! (and some how when we get together with family I take no pictures! Maybe later I'll get them from my mom's phone!)
We left Wednesday along with the rest of the Butlers to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. There were about 60 people gathered together for the weekend and we were all farmed out between different family members homes. We stayed at Bruce and Lizzie Green's home and it was perfect because that's where everything was going on. Bennett especially loved the toys and kids running around. 
 We arrived Wednesday night and hung out with those that were there and sadly Bennett's runny nose and cold got worse that night and kept us up late. Aaron ran a 10k with his cousin Nick the next morning and then we got Bennett some medicines and hung out until Thanksgiving dinner was ready.
 And Bennett tried on Nick's fighter pilot helmet. Pretty cool.
It was wonderful and so fun to have so many family members there and gathered around the many tables. Bennett especially grabbed for and loved the orange rolls.
And tipped Dad's plate over upside down on the floor :( 
Bennett and I went on a walk or two that day.
That night we had a testimony/thankful for...meeting where everyone went around and shared their thoughts and then we sang some Christmas songs.
The next day Bennett was still sick so we let him sleep and then joined everyone at the park for burgers, hotdogs and games. It was fun and Bennett loved trying out some of the toys they had....even this pink bike.
And Aaron played horseshoes with his family.
 That night we had leftovers from Thanksgiving and we also had a talent show where Bennett preformed by clapping his hands and Aaron also preformed with this brother, dad, sister, cousins and uncles in the song Lida Rose. It was great. 
We got up the next morning and had a yummy breakfast with everyone and then headed off for home around 11. The sun was right in Bennett's face and so I created a tent for him that he loved and we had another smooth drive home with only making 2 stops in an 8 hour drive. Booyah!

Another Random Post

More pictures to share but no real order or grouping to share them in.
I went on an outing by myself for little bit and Aaron stayed home with Bennett. Bennett is quite needy with me and always wants to be held and is extremely active and so I assumed he would be the same way for Aaron, but no, he sat next to him quietly, watched a show and fell asleep. What in the world!?!
 We love that cheesy 2 teeth smile of his.
 Crazy hair!
 Always takes off his socks the minute they get put on! I swear I am not a bad mom and I do put socks on, they just never stay on!
 Loves to look around and see what's going on.
 What did I say..he loves to be held. I am his Palm Tree and he is my Monkey.
 We're working on putting Bennett to bed awake and letting him cry it out. Sadly he ate/drank too much and worked himself up that he threw up over his crib and onto a book of letters that I sent Aaron on his mission. After we got Bennett back down to bed we spent the next hour going through each page and wiping off the throw-up and let me tell you the book smells SO bad now! :(
 Before church selfies.

Meeting Santa Claus

As I have said before, we're obsessed with the Riverwoods and all the cool events they do! This one is our favorite! They light up the whole place with lights, have great music, shops and Santa even comes!
 We knew Bennett had to meet Santa this year and it was great! Bennett basically stared him down the whole time but wasn't scared or anything. Here is a picture by picture glance of what happened. (we couldn't get him to look at the camera either and Santa was trying to help).
We met up with Carlie and Aaron there (though I seem to rarely get pictures with them when we do get together!) and we walked around enjoying the cool ice sculptures and listening to Alex Boye preform. 
 And Bennett found something to put on his Christmas list...a giant lifesize Elmo!
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