Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Utah Valley Half Marathon

Aaron and his sister Heidi ran in the Utah Valley Half Marathon a couple weeks ago! It was awesome and I am so proud of them! They had to get up super early, catch a bus to the starting line and the race started about 6:30am. 
 Aaron was sweet enough to keep me posted the whole way with pictures and texts of where they were at.
Luckily we got to the finish line in time to see them cross!
For completing it under a certain time you got a medal!
 We attribute Aaron's success to Bennett's wonderful cheering and signs!
 Though he did fall asleep before he made it to the finish line.
 Way to go Dad! You did it!

 Bennett was happy to finally sit down and relax with dad in the shade. 
We are so proud of you Heidi and Aaron! You have motivated Carlie, Aaron, Aaron and Ethan to do it next year!

Mothers Day

Aaron spoiled me, like he does everyday, but on mother's day I felt nothing short of a Queen. It was wonderful for him to get up with Bennett in the night, do all the diapers, make dinner, breakfast in bed and shower me with gifts. I loved it and it was just what I needed.

We gave video gifts to our mothers this year. Me, Carlie, Aaron B., Aaron B. and Bennett made the one for my mom and it played off her name in different songs, enjoy. 

Aaron's mom got a similar one but it only had Aaron and Bennett in it. 

And we're back...

Life lately has been nothing short of crazy busy. Seriously. I am finally sitting down to write some updates and just waiting for the baby to wake up, because I am sure he will really soon. Here is a little Cliff Notes version of what is (and has been) going on with us...

-I finished my first year (and only year) of teaching. I taught 1st grade at Westside Elementary in Springville, UT. It was a great (extremely hard) and learning experience for me. I learned so much about 6-7 year olds, how to best teach to their level, what they are capable of and can achieve, how to be a good parent and to make sure to volunteer always for class things because it is great to see you child in the classroom and how they really behave. My favorite quote from one of my students went like this:
Me: "Today we are learning about nouns! Does anyone know what a noun is?"
Student: "Yes! My dad says it to me all the time. John, you come here right NOUN or you're grounded!"
Thanks to all of those of you who helped us watch Bennett during that time. I was fortunate enough to not have to take him to a babysitter, he just bounced between family members houses until Carlie moved in and we were able to make a morning, afternoon and evening schedule work between the three of us working and going to school. Though I thought life would be a little less hectic staying home full 5 month old sure keeps me busy!
I was "Little Miss Muffett" for Nursery Rhyme Day
 My empty classroom...
My wonderful 1st grade team 
-Aaron went to Winter term at BYU and finished Spring term tomorrow! Hallelujah! I don't know who is more excited, him or Bennett and I. We need some Dad time!
-Carlie moved in with us end of April to help out with Bennett until she gets married ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW! I am basically the maid of honor...woot woot! I am so unbelievably excited and also sad for the wedding! I love her more than anything ever and we have always been best friends and so I am excited she is getting married but sad we will never live under the same roof again and she has a new best friend. She is marrying a wonderful guy though (I mean how could he not be with a name like Aaron?) and I am happy for them to spend eternity together. They will do great things.
-Bennett is growing like a weed  and is now 5.5 months (check out his blog for more updates)
-We are moving in 2 weeks to Bountiful. We are going to move into my Grandma's basement. Her memory isn't as good as it used to be and so we are moving in to help her. I will cook the food, take care of her medicine and drive her places. Aaron will commute to BYU on the frontrunner a couple days a week. It is truly a blessing for us to do this and for me to be able to stay home with Bennett full time.

-Up ahead we have the wedding, Wray Family Reunion, AZ trip for the reception and then a vacation...but more on that later.

Love you all!
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