Sunday, October 9, 2011

We do fun things...

On Friday Aaron and I had planned to hike the "Y" since it was all lit up for Homecoming week but sadly the snow, rain and FREEZING weather kept us away. So instead we...pulled out the Cocoa-Motion and made some much needed hot chocolate.
 We decided to get a start on our "thank you" notes! 2 pages of addresses=2 hours! Whew! We still have a long ways to go...but look how many we finished!
 While writing our "thank yous" Aaron and I watched Father of the Bride Part 1 & 2 because Aaron had not seen them! What!?! (and I just learned he has never played Candyland! I will change that!)
 While we ate some yummy popcorn from our cool popcorn maker! YUM!
Saturday we went to the BYU Homecoming Parade! So Fun! Here we are outside the creamery waiting for our blue pancakes. I asked Aaron to look cold (because it was) but he thought I said cool! Haha. 
 We then finally got our yummy and delicious blue pancakes! This will definitely be a family tradition!
We set up camp right in front of the Creamery and cuddled up in a nice warm blanket, waiting for the parade!
 Carlie came and met us for the parade right as it started. It was so fun to have her there. We had such a fun time and saw so many friends and people we knew in the parade.
We saw our good old founder, Brigham Young on a float!
...and just had such a fun time at the parade!
 Afterwards Aaron and I went to the DI to look for something and though we didn't find it, we did find some other treasures, including this sweater! Ok, so we didn't end up buying it but we did buy some ugly Christmas sweaters that will be disclosed at a later date. Get excited! :)
 We then headed off to WinCo to buy our 1.5 months  worth of groceries (to last us until after we come back from Thanksgiving). But before that, we had to plan our menu and so we made a stop at Wendy's, got some food and then set out our cookbooks on the booth to plan out our menu! Haha, it was great!
 We went to WinCo and bought out the store! :) And then we went to Dairy Queen and got a Pumpkin Pie Shake (which has been a tradition for me for the past 3 years, so it was fun to include Aaron this year!) It was so yummy!
 Stay tuned because later in the month we are going to give you our opinion on all the different Pumpkin Pie Shakes we try from lots of different places, so you know where to go for your best holiday fall desserts!
 When we got home I sent Aaron to our bedroom so I could set up a surprise in the kitchen. This is what it was!
 It had been 3 years since Aaron had left on his mission to New York, New York, so we decided to celebrate! You always need a reason to celebrate!
I wore my "I Love New York" shirt for the occasion and had the song "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra playing when Aaron came out!
 We made some homemade pizza! Woo Hoo! Aaron even tossed the dough in the air!
 And we decided to spell out "I Love New York" on our pizza with Pepperoni!
 Here is the final product! It was quite tasty! And there you have it! Our really really fun weekend! :)


  1. I LOVE all your creative ideas. Thank you for blogging them, so I can have some inspiration! :) And I never thought I would know someone famous, but I totally know that Brigham Young! ;) So cool! haha

  2. You've got to try Arctic Circle's pumpkin pie's my favorite that i've tried!


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