Friday, September 30, 2011

Long Day At Work...

{Ok, I swear you will not hear from me for at least 3 or 4 days! Just bear through one more post!}
{This was written last night...}
Currently, as I am writing this post, Aaron is not home from work yet...and it is 11pm at night. He left me this morning at 6:30am! Holy Hannah! That is a long day for him but an even longer day for me! I have now cleaned and organized the house and done all my homework until next Wednesday! Whew! He is coming home in 15 minutes! Woo Hoo! Love this quote I found:
 Also, Aaron loves Rice Krispy Treats and wanted to have them for conference, but since we will be out of town, I made them tonight for him! (What else did I have to do!?!)
  P.P.S. He almost ate the WHOLE thing when he got home! YUM!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Are The Cheese To My Macaroni...

First...I found this adorable little saying and I just had to post it and it is definitely how I am feeling about Husband at the moment! I am just completely in LOVE with him! Honestly, I thought I was when we got married, a month ago, but it amazes me everyday how I love him more and more! I still get butterflies in my stomach and my heart starts beating fast {right now} just thinking about it, my wedding day, and how wonderful it was and how wonderful life is and continues to be. So here is to Aaron, the "icing on my cupcake". Love You!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our FHE Activity

Sorry this is a little late coming but I wanted to share what we did for FHE {Family Home Evening} on Monday. Aaron was in charge and so we first blew up balloons (I have been sick with a cold and so I had Aaron blow up my balloon since I couldn't breathe through my nose!) and then we drew "man" faces on the follows:
 We then went into the bathroom where Aaron covered them in whip cream, like a beard. And our job was to "shave" them with a knife and if you popped it, then you lost.
 The only problem was that the whip cream slid right off and made the balloon heavy and hard to hold on this is my attempt at it. (Sadly, I used so much whip cream that all Aaron had left for his balloon was some runny cream). you can imagine...we had to have a whip cream fight! It got all over us and the bathroom, but it was oh so fun! (I promise Aaron thought so!)
 The next day the balloons were still in the bathroom and so I decided to play a little trick on Aaron. I hid one of them in the toilet and I hid the other in the shower. I waited all day for him to come home and he finally did and I couldn't hold in the laughter as he came storming out of the bathroom! Haha.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This past week Aaron and I went camping! So fun! (Don't act shocked...I can "rough it" with the best of them!). I was going to surprise him and we were going to go on his birthday weekend but we both ended up getting the flu and so we moved it to this weekend. I met Aaron up at his work (at my Uncle's Farm, just up Provo Canyon at a place called Wallsburg) and then we headed off. Not too far up from the cabin, we found this beautiful camp spot!
 The leaves have started to change and everything! It was amazing!
 It was starting to get dark so I started on making our dinner, Tin Foil Dinners! Yum! They turned out great, which is good...because we were hungry!
 We went to bed quite early that night because earlier that day Aaron had moved 400 bayles of Hay, each weighing approximately 80 pounds...yeah, he is buff...and was exhausted. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and we slept as good as you can on a pile of dirt and rocks ;) The next morning Aaron cooked us some yummy (a tad tasting like ashes and smoke) pancakes!
 And since we were too tired to make s'more the night before, we had to do in the morning, because what is camping with out s'mores?
  Aaron then wanted to explore the little river right next to our campsite...
 ...the water was FREEZING cold though... (this picture is not posed!)
 ...and so he quickly wanted to get out!
 Aaron, the Dutch Oven King, then found a great recipe he wanted to try: Orange Rolls. Enough Said. We made homemade everything, in the wild, yeah...we are that good! We then rolled it all up and sliced them and then put them in the Dutch Oven!
 Aaron took special care of the coals and food!
 And THIS is how they turned out! Yum! YES, they were as good as they look! (Now, don't you want to go camping with us next time?)
 After that we cleaned up our campsite and headed back home...but not before I could get a picture of my awesome shoes! See...I am a true camper!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dinner For The Week...

The von Bose family was nice enough to bring us by a FIVE pound thing (what is it? a tube? container? cow?) of ground beef. With it we made homemade lasagna last night, we are making Shepard's Pie later this week, planning on making 1 pound hamburgers each, burritos, casseroles,  tin foil dinners and whatever else we can to use all this meat! ;) Thanks von Bose family for feeding us for the week!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Below is the shower curtain we have been using since we moved into our apartment...we didn't get one for our wedding and since the one we registered for was out of stock, we had to wait for my mom to send it. So we have been using this one, which Aaron bought for a dollar at Allen's Grocery Store...need I say more?
As you can tell it has been well used and actually when we bought it, it already came with a hole in it! Haha. See Below!
 My mom just sent us the shower curtain we registered for and so we finally put it up and here it is! Yay!
We love it SO much better than our other one! And it looks so much better too! :)Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Time!

We got a call from Carlie late Sunday night asking if we had plans on Thursday, sadly I realized I had a school thing to attend and so I asked her what was up! She had just gone to see Mary Poppins in Salt Lake and LOVED it and wanted us to go see it and so she had called the family and everyone chipped in for us to go! (My bro. Ethan even gave $11!) We really wanted to go and so we made arrangements so we could go on Tuesday night! After school and work we headed into SLC! Here we are in front of the Theater.
 Me and MARY POPPINS!!! I love her!
 It was a wonderful play! We loved it! If you couldn't tell from the title! Actually, that song was my favorite and I couldn't stop singing it all the way there and back because in the song they spell it and I wanted to learn how to SO bad, and so I annoyed Aaron all night but I finally learned it and I had Aaron test me as I sang it to him! Haha!
Our seats! (Shhhhh...I wasn't supposed to take a picture!)
 We got home pretty late and realized/remembered that we had no hot water :( And I needed to take a shower and the water was honestly melted snow coming out of our drain! -5 degrees at least! I tried getting in but screamed and couldn't, so what was our solution??? We boiled a pot of water instead and needless to say we got it fixed the next morning! ;)
Hope your day is "Practically Perfect In Every Way!"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy ONE Month Anniversary!!!

So today...September 19, our ONE Month Anniversary! Whoa! Where has the time gone? It seems like we have always been married and that our wedding was forever ago! We absolutely LOVE being married and are so excited for many more celebrations in the future!
So here is what we did...after a long day of school and work I surprised Aaron with a little, simple romanitc dinner. I had his shirt, pants, suit and tie that he wore to our wedding set out for him and I was wearing my "getway/luncheon" dress (and I even kind of did my hair the same!). When Aaron came out...this song was playing...
This is the song we danced to at our reception and Aaron surprised me that night by actually singing it to me while we danced! So Cute! (I will post the video at a later date).
While this was going...
No, it is not a real fire and no we do not have a fireplace (fooled you!)...this is the simulated thing you can buy on a even makes crackling noises and moves and you can pick your setting!
We then slow danced in our living room to the song while enjoying the warmth of the fire ;) and then we went into the kitchen where this was all set up...
 A yummy dinner, lamp a glowing (no candles allowed...and no matches), some pictures of us, nice/fancy settings...the works!
And this was even bubbling...
Aaron poured us a glass of Martinelli's...(notice our "stemless wine glasses!)
And then we sat down to enjoy a nice dinner, and reminisced about the good old days when we were young and in love ;) ...ok, we are still madly in love!
It made for a really fun and romantic evening. It was fun to relive our wedding day and we are so happy to be married to each other! One month down...eternity to go! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture-less Weekend

So...when I went to London last year I hit this point where I got "pictured out". What does that mean you ask? Well after taking a bajillion-gazillion (yes Aaron, those are real numbers) pictures everyday, on everyone's cameras you are just kind of, well, done. I am afraid I may have started to hit that point and we haven't been even married a month (tomorrow though, we will!). But thankfully for my phone, I have a picture or two to show proof of what we did this weekend.

Friday night we were going to babysit the von Bose girls but because of the rain soccer got canceled and so we didn't end up doing that but we were so excited because Heidi and Tylan came into town for a quick trip this weekend so we were able to hang out with them, talk and play "Plants vs. Zombies".

The next day was a "lazy" day for Aaron and I. We had waffles for breakfast, we both did some homework, Aaron may or may not have watched Star Wars. (I snuck this picture of him watching!)
He watched episode 5 to be exact. (which in my mind is really #2 and this whole out of order thing makes no sense and why do they all have weird names that sound the same and does Luke's face freak anyone else out when he finds out "Darth" is his dad? And who really can understand a "Wookie?" and why did Star Wars base its movies off of: Harry Potter (the whole, evil person inisde the other's head and they are related and all, Toy Story 2 (you the game where Buzz and Zerg face off) and Monster's Inc (when they get trapped in the garbage dispenser thing and almost get crushed, like Boo)? Ok, I am done...I didn't watch the whole thing of 1&2 (or 4&5, depending how you look at it) but Aaron likes it and since I have made him sit through Pride and Prejudice, I thought it was only fair. Aaron and I then headed up to the Farm where Aaron works so he could change the water lines and since we didn't have tickets to the game we decided to stay up there and watch it.
Here is Aaron changing the water! Isn't he great???

 While we were out there we also saw these beautiful white tailed deer (that my brother Ethan informed me after I gave him the description...thanks E!)
That night we watched the sad BYU football game (and we will leave it at that). We had some yummy treats and had a fun little "get-away" even if it was just for a short night. We got up the next morning (today) and headed to church, Aaron had an interview with the Bishop and Stake President for his BYU application (Woo Hoo!) and than after church we had Carlie over! It was SO fun!
I picked her up from Heritage, we had delicious "chicken pillows", corn and then of course we had to have the left over cookie dough and homemade ice cream for another skookie! We had a fun time catching up with her and can't wait for her next visit. Come over anytime Chuck...when we pick you up and bring you to our house! Love you all! Hope you had a great weekend! :)
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