Monday, October 17, 2011

What a Weeeeeeeeeeeek!

(The title have so many "e's" because it has been a LONG week!)

Mom came into town on Wednesday and so Aaron, Carlie and I went to pick her up. We hid Carlie in the trunk outside the airport and surprised my mom when she went to go put her luggage in.
Mom stayed with us Wednesday night and helped me finish some school projects (some things never change no matter how old you get).

Mom picked  me up from school on Thursday, we did a session at the Temple (Great!) and then we headed up the canyon to the cabin to meet up with all the sisters to start on making 40 elaborate and amazing gingerbread houses so all the family could decorate them this year! Below are the ones we decorated last year since I didn't take any pictures!
I had a fun time helping out and since Aaron was up there for work he joined us for dinner and even sang the girls "The First Noel" while I played the piano.

The next day after class I went up with Carlie to the cabin. We had a fun time helping, eating, celebrating my mom's birthday and playing some wacky games.
Aaron came up to help fix the water that kept breaking at the cabin and so we ended up staying the night. We got up the next morning and helped the von Bose's move/clean their house for most of the day! It was so fun hanging out with all the girls. We then went home to write our talks for church the next day! Whew!

Church and talks went well. They had a baby blessing, youth speaker, another adult speaker, an impromptu choir come up and sing so needless to say we each only had maybe 5 minutes to speak! Mom and Carlie came out to hear us and then we went back to our apartment for a yummy dinner!
P.S. Below is a random picture I found on my phone of Aaron trying to imitate Carlie's "Sorry" face/sound/thing. He doesn't do it well because he doesn't have a double chin like the rest of us, but I still love him :)

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