Friday, June 29, 2012

Father's Day

This year Father's Day was a little different but we were glad to be able to celebrate with both of our Dads in person. We headed down to AZ a couple days before we left for Disney World. We celebrated with Dad Butler and the family on Friday night. We celebrated with Dad Hansen and Aaron on Father's Day in Florida. We exchanged little gifts and enjoyed just spending the day together. 

I made Aaron a book for Father's Day. I took his missionary emails and put them together in a Shutterfly book. It turned out really neat and he was surprised, which is always the best! Here are some pictures of what it looked like. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alarm Clock

Aaron and I got home from Disney World/Arizona on Sunday night (more about that later!!!) We were ready for some good nights rest...

 FOUR AM an alarm goes off...I think it is our alarm and then I realize it is our upstairs neighbors alarm clock that is beeping and blaring SO loud. Here is the kicker...they are out of town for the week...we tried to go back to bed and wait for it to stop but it went for an HOUR. So...where are we sleeping this week? our living room on our futon. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Springville Art City Days

Aaron and I had a blast participating in our first "Art City Days" here in Springville. We tried to attend most of the events and be super involved. There was a Carnival just a couple blocks up from us that we attended 2 nights. We toured the Carnival and rides (but did not go on them...too scary and too expensive). We ran into members form our ward, sampled the food booths and even got a scone for us to share that was huge and delicious.
We then went to the parade Saturday morning which was right on the street we live on and so we walked out of our house and down the street a little to get a good spot. Emily and Joe came to join us and we loved watching all the cute floats, talents and cars.
That afternoon Aaron and I headed to Seven Peaks again. We definitely decided to bring and wear sunscreen this time! Though we came prepared...we did leave with some lovely red marks on our skin to remind us of the fun time we had! (Aaron got it so bad on his legs. This may be because he fell asleep on his tube for 30 minutes!)
We then headed back to the Carnival one more time for a fun concert in the park. Wouldn't you know it, it was freezing cold and windy! Crazy! We wore our Butler hoodies and cuddled in a blanket. Emily and Joe came again, we shared some delicious kettle corn popcorn and then watched the fireworks go off!
We are so glad we live in Springville!

Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Series

Recently the husband has really got into this TV show:
I know he is a little behind the times but my Dad just got him into it. It is not my thing and so I am not watching it with him, but he makes sure to inform me each night what is happening. 

My dad suggested we name our first boy: Bauer Butler. Haha. What do you think? ;)

Speaking of TV show obsessions...the week of Graduation I finished all the seasons of my TV show craze...Gilmore Girls.
Rory and I graduated college on basically the same day, I was stoked! (I know I am weird). For about 2 years now I have been working on finishing all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and I finally did it! Yay! I am so sad that it is over but I will always be a "Gilmore Girl" for life. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Being Creative

For our "Date Night" the other night we pulled out our "Otter Pops", laid a blanket out in our little shared backyard, brought out our laptop and watched a movie on Netflix. The weather and company was perfect.
Of course we watched "Ultimate Walt Disney World" because of our upcoming trip! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This is why I love summer...

Saturday was probably the best day ever! Honestly, I don't think I could have planned a better day!

We woke up Saturday morning and used our "Pass Of All Passes" and went to 7 Peaks. Because we have those we get to go to the park 2.5 hours before the public can come in. Brilliant. We went on every water-slide on our amazing double tube and had a blast. We loved meeting up with the Von Bose's and racing down the water-slide on our stomachs! We rode the "boomerang". One word. Scary. I made Aaron go in front because I was too scared. As we started down Aaron threw his head back...and hit my nose. It is a little swollen and tender, but all good. We stayed there for 3+ hours and loved every minute (except for the horrible sunburn I got! Ouch!) and can't wait to go back time and time again this summer!

We came home and just relaxed! What? We then headed to a BBQ Birthday party for a guy in our ward. As I was soaking up the sun, eating a hotdog and sitting on the grass I said to Aaron, "and this is why I love summer." 
After that we headed to what is my favorite (sometimes only) thing I love about Utah! City Days! It has everything you could ever want: fair, parade, fireworks, concerts in the park and scones! Yum! Aaron and I went to the kick-off event of Springville Art City Days: a Talent Show! So fun...though the entertainment wasn't that great ;)
We are excited to participate in the rest of the festivities this week and plan to travel around to head to all the other "City Days". 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The "Y"

On Wednesday Aaron and I hiked the "Y" with the YW and YM for a combined activity! I had not hiked the Y since my Freshman year and lets say I forgot how hard it was. We had just hiked 2 days prior with Matt and Lauren and so I was all hiked out for the week. We had a good time though and I like to think we kind of led the pack (but I don't think that is really true). 
We made it to the top, enjoyed the view and took some pictures!
We then headed with the YW and YM to get ice cream cones at Sonic! It is fun going to mutual again :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Got A JOB!!!

Wonder of Wonders, Miracles of Miracles...I GOT A JOB!!!!

Here is the story! I had applied to about 75 jobs in the Alpine and Provo Districts and only got one interview...with no job offer.

Nebo School District (Springville/Spanish Fork) then posted 40 jobs and I applied to ALL of them! I had 7 interviews and I felt super lucky! About a week later...I had been rejected by 3 schools and I was waiting to hear back from 4 more which were basically all older grades. I had accepted it that I would teach the older grades and all would be well...if I got a job. I had my email up all day, everyday waiting to hear any news. I almost emailed a principal just wanting to know when we would find out!

While in Tennis class, I saw that I missed a call from a random 801 number. I was so nervous! I 
thought...maybe it is a job or maybe its a rejection (because some schools have been 
calling to reject). I prepped myself and then listened to the voicemail and it was the 
Principal from Westside Elementary (where I did my first student teaching in 6th grade). She asked me 
to call her back. 

I was bummed because I was for sure that it was a rejection. They had 2 positions open. 
One in 1st grade and one in 3rd grade but they had 3 interns at their school...two in 3rd 
and one in 2nd. I was for sure that they would keep on their interns and not hire me.

I called her back and she said, "Aubrie, we would like to offer you the 1ST GRADE 
start to cry!" Haha. It was the last job ever that I applied for that I thought I would get 
but I couldn't be happier! I am going to teach 1st grade! Yes!
The school is exactly a 6 minute drive from our house, right across Main Street and is filled 
with a wonderful staff! I couldn't be more excited! This really was probably my first choice! 

I have already started thinking of classroom themes and all the fun things I will be able to do with these 6 year olds! Woo Hoo! 

Yay for employment, a paycheck and getting Aaron through school! :)

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