Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Shake Testers!

"We did it, We did it, We really really did it!" We finally tasted our last Pumpkin Pie Shake and now we are ready to tell you what we have found! (And just in time too...Dairy Queen's is only there through the end of get on it!)

So, as I have learned in my assessment classes at properly grade something you need a rubric and so I thought I would use a holistic rubric to base our grading on these shakes so there is no bias and to make sure it is reliable and valid ;) So here is our grading scale:

Size (medium)
5 Spoons
Let’s Get Two!
Big and Yummy!
Just right…like homemade
The works!
4 Spoons
Not Bad!
Good Size!
Yum! A little added variety!
3 Spoons
Something there
2 Spoons
Kind of Expensive
Not thick
A hint of something
1 Spoon
Tiny Weenie

Dairy Queen:
Score: 5 SPOONS!!!
WHY: Great Price! Huge! Filled Aaron and I both up! It had the homemade ice cream consistency but our favorite part was all the little extra things in it! YUMMY pumpkin pie/crust pieces inside as well as delicious cream on the top! Definitely recommend it!

Arctic Circle:
Score: 2 SPOONS (Sorry Natalie!)
WHY: Small size! Not a good price! Though I love egg nog it had a strong taste of that in it, which didn't blend well. No extras too it and it was runny. It wasn't horrible but compared to the others, we wouldn't really recommend it! :(

Score: 4 SPOONS!
WHY: Best Price! A little smaller than Dairy Queens! It had a great consistency, YUM! It also had some cream on top which we loved but none of the yummy inside "chunks" like Dairy Queen! We definitely liked it though and would get it again! If you can't make it to Dairy Queen in time this is definitely a yummy alternative!

Well, there you have it! Our take on the Pumpkin Pie Shakes for this fall season! Can't wait to find something to try next year! Let us know what you thought if you go try them! :)


  1. you've convinced me! i think i'm gonna head to dairy queen this month!

  2. Ha ha you guys are awesome, thanks!

  3. Totally agreed - you convinced me to run to Dairy Queen at my earliest convenience. I'll have to grab a pumpkin loving friend to share it with - Ty no likey pumpkin. Love the Rubric!

  4. Does Provo still have the Malt Shoppe near University & Bulldog? They used to have 2 for 1 shakes on Monday nights, and my roommate's favorite this time of year was always pumpkin oreo. I know, sounds a little odd, but wow was it good! Very, very thick and HUGE. I'm curious to know how it would compare to Dairy Queen's! :)


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