Thursday, November 15, 2012


The "Aaron's" and the "Sisters" all went on a date night 2 weeks ago to Cornbellys and we LOVED it! We went the week after Halloween and missed the crowds! It was perfect! Here is a recap of the night:
Where we was reserved for us since Carlie was in the car! ;)
Took pics before we got in...because we wouldn't get enough inside the place...
My pregnant belly...and Aaron's...
Favorite activity...the jumping pillows
Found a huge cornucopia...of course we had to reenact the Hunger Games.
We rode some really really mini trikes that didn't move too well.
We drove a firetruck...
Smashed pumpkins...
Rode a cool tractor train ride around some corn fields and saw some awesome carved pumpkins...
Found some go-cart things that were even harder to ride and steer around a track...
Another favorite of ours...the corn kernel pile. 
We played, buried and poured down people's pants :)
We went through their cool corn maze that was for the Election. You could pick to go on the Romney or Obama maze. We made it!
It was a great double date night ended by hot chocolate at Carlie's apartment and Taylor Swift music videos! I sure love having my sister live so close!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working Out

This is the phone conversation Aaron and I had tonight:
Aaron: "Hey, are you still planning on coming to BYU tonight to work out?"

Aubrie: "Does it have to be tonight?"
Aaron: "There is no time like the present!"
Aubrie: "There is also no time like next Thursday, week..."
Haha. Shows our conflicting views on exercising.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

The week leading up to Halloween was a little crazy for us. I came down with a cold the Wednesday before and then on Sunday it turned into a sinus infection which became unbearable. The doctor put me on an antibiotic and after Aaron and TJ from our ward came to give me a blessing as I am sobbing from pain I was able to sleep and then take my class on an all day field trip and then participate in the craziest day of school known to man, Halloween. Needless to say, we did not have the time or health to carve pumpkins before Halloween and so finally on Halloween we rented Harry Potter, ate soup out of cute orange pumpkin soup bowls and carved our pumpkins.
 Mine: A stork with a baby
Aaron: Mitt Romey

Pumpkin Patch

This year we got our pumpkins from Reams because they were only 5 cents a pound but we couldn't miss the experience of going to a pumpkin patch and so we went to the one down the street from us, just like we did last year. We went through the hay maze.
We then explored the pumpkin patch for fun and pretended like we were actually picking one.

We then took some funny pictures of me pretending to compare the size of my stomach to the pumpkin but...1) I have a black sweatshirt so you can't really see it. 2) That isn't the actual size of my stomach...that is me pushing it out, filling it up with air, making it to full capacity (so basically I look nothing like that :)
Here I am pretending to pick my pumpkin:

Yay for cute pumpkin patches!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Party

The Story Family invited to a Spooky Halloween Dinner with all the cousins and said it was a costume party. The only problem was that Aaron and I had no time or money to get a costume together. We brainstormed and looked in our closets many times and finally came up with the perfect costume...Mitt and Ann Romney!

Aaron pulled off the Mitt Romney look quite well :)
We were lucky enough to hang with Chuck for the night and had lots of fun...she was a grandma.
My official pin...
It was a fun night filled with slimy spiders for dinner, eating a donut off the string, 4 corners and just hanging with family. We loved it!

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