Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playing Catch-Up!

School is crazy busy right now and so that means not much time for blogging but even though I am writing this post right now on Wednesday I know it won't get published until at least Thursday (I still need to upload photos). Anyways...

Monday night consisted of the following:

1. Basically finishing up "Thank You" cards while we watched "scary" Halloween movies (aka.) Garfield's Halloween (I guess a "classic" movie from Aaron's childhood!)
2. Cleaned up the house and made the bed all ready for my mom to come (she is staying with us one night while she is up here visiting).
3. Making yummy Caramel(ed) Apples! For our toppings we picked: Crushed up Symphony Bar, Butterfinger and M&M's. YUM!
We skillfully dipped the apples and then rolled them in the bowls! They turned out great but are so hard to eat! I am convinced that one day we will be eating one and one of our teeth will fall out...oh well, it is for a good cause!
And they are delicious, I would definitely recommend those toppings if you make them!
Tuesday: more thank you cards, more movies, more cleaning, eating more Caramel Apples and doing laundry...I know, we live an exciting life ;)

Here is to not being able to wait for holidays, going home and being with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, yummy baked goods, family traditions and...A BREAK FROM SCHOOL!!! :)

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  1. "Halloween is my middle name. Just call me Gar-Halloween-field." Definitely a classic! Those butterfinger caramel apples look soo yummy and not a little dangerous. ;) (Try slicing them into wedges before eating...much less likely to lose a tooth that way and a little less messy, lol.)


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