Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Give Love, A "Bad" Name

Today in Kindergarten a student came up to me and said, "Mrs. have a bad word in your name. Mrs. BUTler! That's a really bad word!"

Haha, gotta love 5 year olds! ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I probably lift up the blinds and check outside every 3 minutes to wait and see if Aaron's car is pulling in. And then...when I do see it...I pretend to be busy or not know that he is coming through the door. Embarrassing, I know, but hey...I love the boy!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Homework and Stake Conference
Stake Conference
 Turned in my TEACHER WORK SAMPLE!!! 40 pages later and 30 hours of my life and I am DONE! Turned in! Woot Woot! I couldn't be more excited! (And Aaron too...that's a lot of editing!)
Started Kindergarten...I will get back to you on what I think :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Carlie's Corner.

So. We meet again bloggers....on Aubrie Butler's blog. What a great blog, right?? Let's hear it for Aubrie and Aaron.

My name is Carlie Hansen. Carlie Dalene Hansen the first. Well...possibly the second but not that I know of. 

Aubrie Butler...the owner of this blog that you all know and love (and stalk...let's be serious) has just begged and begged me to guest post on her blog. I'm a pretty big deal in the blogging world (10 followers on my blog...and counting). So naturally, Aubrie wanted me to post on her's. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. It's not everyday that you're featured on someone else's blog!  

I'm her little sister. Not really little, just younger. 3 years and 8 months younger, to be exact. 

This is us as small children. I don't mean to brag but we were pretty cute kids, right? Shout out to you, Mom and Dad ;) 

Aubrie told me to introduce myself. So here is the spark-notes version...I'm a freshman at Brigham Young University. I am studying boys.... I like to joke. I'm not really studying boys. Or am I? Joke again. I'm obsessed with Belle and anything that has to do with Beauty and the Beast. I love to sing and dance. I play the piano. I love ugly sweaters. I love Disneyland. I just got admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am Hannah Montana, but you're not supposed to know that. I love Pride and Prejudice. I love to travel. I love my family and friends. I LOVE LIFE. I like to quote movies. I like peanut butter. I like the Beach Boys. I hate chalkboards. I'm scared of just never know when one will pop up, ya know? I love getting mail. I love being Mormon. I love blog stalking. It's my lifelong dream to go skydiving. That last one was a joke. I'd rather die.  

Enough about me. Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns.

My blog post today is going to be a movie critique. 


I give this movie 3 thumbs down....that is, if I had 3 thumbs I would. But I only have 2. Ok. That's a little harsh. I'll give it 1 and a half thumbs down. 

Let's be real here. How many of you saw the commercial for this movie and were beyond excited? Yes. I know you were. I can explain why you were excited in 4 words: Chan-ning-Tat-um. That's right. I said it. I will admit that he did look mighty fine in the commercials...but on the big screen?? WHERE DID THOSE TEETH COME FROM?!? Seriously! Those came out of nowhere! Not pretty. I repeat, NOT pretty. 

Something else I want to talk about. Not to be a movie spoiler or anything but why did she not get her memory back?!?!?!? He tries so hard to make her memory come back and you get all excited thinking that she remembers everything and then......nothing. She doesn't remember a thing. Like a fish you win at a carnival....Take them home in a baggie, love them for 2 weeks, and then NOTHING. Bad analogy but you get the idea. 

Another thing. When Rachel McAdams shoots through the windshield?? Holy smokes. Wasn't ready for that! You walk into the movie theater, adjust your popcorn and drink, giggle with your friend next to you about how Channing Tatum is in this movie, and then BAM! She gets shot through the windshield. There's not even time to prepare for it! It hits you right at the beginning of the movie! How dare they.

I'll admit that the little hipster/indie thing they had going on was pretty funny to me. They both are into the whole artsy creative "go with the flow" business. Total hipsters. Super exclusive. Super indie. There needs to be a video called "The Evolution of Channing Tatum." In his recent movies he's gone from a soccer player to a Hip Hop gangster dancer to a soldier to a hipster. Way to embrace diversity, Channing. He even whips out the guitar in this one! Booyah. 

Nicholas Sparks, you've done it again. What a sad movie. There were only a few happy parts in the whole thing! 

I guess the ending was kind of cute...but they just walk off in the distance and you don't get to see them really fall in love again! As soon as the credits started rolling at the end of the show my reaction was "Hmmmm. I'm not sure how I felt about that." 

For men? Pretty sure the movie would be a 9 dollar nap. 
For women?'s up to you.   

I'm normally not this critical of movies, but I had REALLY high expectations for this one. All I wanted was a feel good movie...not Rachel McAdams blasting through a windshield and Channing Tatum yelling. Sorry. I'm still a little upset about the movie, obviously.

I'll let you be the judge, ladies and gentlemen. I would wait til Red Box though if I were you :) Have a happy weekend, bloggies.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

6th Grade:

Today was my last day teaching 6th grade and though I would have never believed you if you would have told me I was going to feel this way...I am really really going to miss it! I was close to tears today saying goodbye to my mentor teacher, students and staff. It has been the greatest experience ever and I loved 6th grade so much! I had a wonderful class and wonderful people to work with. I wanted to share some highlights from the past 2 months with you. 

1. Today the students gave me a dictionary that they made which was all about me. It was really cute! I picked out some of my favorite pages to share. I think you will be able to tell why pretty quickly. 

Haha. I loved all the misuse of words and made up words as well. 

2. Today, after school was over, 5 boys from another class came to say goodbye to me (one of which is not shy about telling me or anyone else that he is in love with me). We are just making small talk when the boy says, "So...which one of you mentioned about giving her a hug goodbye?" They all look at him and say, "That was you!" Haha. I said, "Ok, everyone come in for a group huddle". They screamed and skipped as they left. 

3. I got to participate in so many cool things with the 6th grade. One of which was a "Medieval Feast". Parents and students came, we ate food, and had a show with Jesters, a bell choir playing "Green Sleeves", Jousters, and Royalty. It was such a great night!

4. This year instead of doing Science Fair Projects, the students built and tested their own "Catapults". They were all given the same materials and they had to launch a marshmallow a certain distance! It was so fun!

5. My 6th grade team was AMAZING! I loved each one of them and working with them! Here is a picture of all of us :)
My Mentor Teacher, Me, Annie, Mary, Cristy
(The two middle teachers are pregnant and both due within the month).

6. Other highlights include: Reading "The Westing Game" with the students. They LOVED it! I couldn't get them to put it down. I had kids begging me to let them take the book home! 3 boys even missed their recess so they could talk to me about the ending of the book! What!?! That's unheard of!

7. I taught all the 6th grade a cool "Heat Transfer" song when I taught my unit on heat. I made them learn it and do actions for each method of heat transfer. They really got into it and still ask me to play the song so they can sing to it. It will be stuck in my head for life. Here is the song, you should listen!

8. Lastly, I had a neat experience of teaching a lesson and in the middle of the lesson one student who has a hard time in school and finding motivation to get things done in school, raised his hand and answered a question. Out of the blue and it was amazing. That is why I go into teaching.

I am sure there are other great things that happened throughout my experience but these are some of my favorites. 

I start my new Student Teaching assignment on Monday teaching....KINDERGARTEN!!! I am so excited about it! The school is 12 minutes away and I hear my mentor teacher is wonderful! I am one lucky girl!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Disney Paint Chips

I decided to use the creative genes my mom gave me and put them to good use. I decided to steal politely take paint chips from Home Depot and made us a count-down calendar until we go to Disney World. It is a little hard to read but the top says "Disney World" is original Disney writing and the bottom "Mickeys" are numbered 1-17, signifying how many weeks until we go! :)
This might be the only thing that keeps us going these next 17 weeks and so until then we will just dream of Mickey and warm Florida.

Monday, February 20, 2012

We Love Our Presidents!

Yes! Why do we love them???  Because we get a day off of school!
A recap:
Friday: Mom and Dad Butler came into town. We got to spend time with them at the von Bose's house, eat lots and chat it up! It was so fun!

Saturday: Mom and Dad Butler came to see our house (which they loved, might I add) and we said goodbye to them. That night Aaron and I celebrated Valentines and also our 6 month anniversary (which was on Sunday) by using one of our gift cards (thanks Mom and Dad Hansen) to the Olive Garden. After eating our weight in bread-sticks we wobbled back home happy! It was a great way to celebrate!

Sunday: We taught Sunday School together to some kids who were in 8th grade when we were Seniors in High School, not that much younger. We then relished in the fact that we didn't have school the next day and just relaxed.

Monday (Today): We decided to go into Salt Lake and walk around Temple Square. Aaron had been wanting to go for a while so we thought today would be a great day! (Though it was freezing and only 26 degrees!) We went to all the museums, shops and tours you can imagine and were pooped by the end!
Here we are, pretending we are the prophet!
 Here are some failed attempts of us trying to take pictures of ourselves in front of the temple. No...we are not that's the angle ;)
We even got our picture taken in the Joseph Smith Building at the Family History Center! This is us getting off the boat at Ellis Island! We look pretty happy...don't we?
And that, my friends, is why we love our Presidents!

Friday, February 17, 2012

"The Daybook Bun"

 I tried it out and think I might kind of like it.
What do you think?
P.S. Took 2 minutes to do...might become a regular thing ;)
P.P.S Actually wore it to school today...pretty legit ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Melanie and Sjon donated to us a new microwave...why you may ask. Because "Big Bertha" on the left was HUGE and took up the little counter space we had. We now have "Tiny Tim" that fits perfect on the counter and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating All Week:

-We have been eating Valentine's Day candy this past week and made heart shaped pizzas on Saturday (more on that later)

-This morning we had "pink" waffles for breakfast. (You can't tell...but they are pink!)

-Saturday we are really going to celebrate (when the restraunts are less crowded and our lives are a tad less busy).

So what are we doing tonight you may ask? Laundry, Cooking, Planning Lessons and Taking Quizzes.


P.S. LOVE V-DAY in the Elementary Schools! We had so much fun today and I made out like a bandit! Two big bags worth filled with chocolate boxes, king size candy bars and cute notes from the kids. Just one of the many reasons why I am going into teaching :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Have A Sweet Husband

...I do. You know it, I know it and I witness it everyday but he was even sweeter than usual (I know, is that possible?) Seriously.
He left me this cute note on the door the other day:
And, Aaron left these (my favorite candies EVER!) under our sheets the other night. I sat down on the bed to take out my contacts and accidently sat on them! Haha. He knows I love them and BYU sells them in big bags and so he picked one up for me! Sweet Boy!
Ahhhh, I just love him!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Late Night Grocery Run

Last night Aaron and I went grocery shopping at our favorite place ever, WinCo, at 10:00pm at night. That's right folks. WinCo is open 24/7, convienent? I think so. There were no crowds, just us and all the food you can imagine. We got our shopping done for the next 1.5 months! Good for us! We got home at 12am and headed straight to bed. Strangely enough, we liked it and I think it might become a tradition :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sirens, Bombs and Drugs

Yep...that explains what our night was like last night. 

It was 11:45, we were in bed and then all of a sudden we hear a huge "BANG!" We look outside and there is a cop car, at the front of our street, facing our Four-Plex with all of his lights (especially the big white flashing ones) right into our window. It was so bright it lit up our whole house! The policeman spoke over the loud speaker but we couldn't hear what he said. We waited, spying in our house to see what was up. Another cop car then switched him spots and he blocked the street. We squinted really hard to see what was going on and then down the street we could see lots of cops and lots of people being handcuffed and walked out of a house. (Drug Bust is our best guess). We then saw a huge truck (semi-like) that had police-car lights on it...we think it was to take everyone to jail in, because there were so many people. 

So much for living in safe, quaint Springville ;)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best Invention Ever!

This little life-saver saved me from scrubbing my crock pot for hours tonight! So grateful for wonderful inventions that make our lives just a little bit easier!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Test of All Tests:

I took the "Praxis" about a month ago. It tests you on the "content knowledge" of Elementary School and you have to pass it to become a registered teacher. I was nervous (no, the questions were not 2+2), studied and just found out today that I passed! :) Yay!

Some sample questions from the test...see if YOU know the answer!
(All questions taken from the Social Studies portion)

1.After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.E, the major cities of Macedonia, Persia and Egypt attested to the continuing strong influence of Greek culture by doing what?

2.In the decade of the 1990's. after the fall of communism in the Soviety Union, what became widespread in Russia?

3. Which job markets in the United States did the number of workers decline in the years 1990-1999?

4.What is the largest source of federal revenue in the United States?

Yeah...being an El Ed Major isn't looking so easy afterall, is it? ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The "Soup"er Bowl

Growing up, neither of our families watched the "Super Bowl" on Sunday (convenient? I would say so!) and so we decided to come up with another tradition while everyone was watching the game and partying. So we decided to "play on words" and for dinner we had a "Soup"er Bowl (soup in a bread bowl). A very yummy tradition that I think we will keep forever! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have been "fasting" from Pinterest and Facebook for the past two weeks! Amazing, I know! (So if you have sent me a message, that is why I haven't replied). Carlie has been trying to "fill up" my notifications by tagging me in random posts and pictures but I have held out so far...we will see how long it lasts. I will admit that it has been really nice being free of all "media communication" the past two weeks but I feel like I am missing out on what is going on in the world!

P.S. If you didn't already notice, that "fast" did not include blogging. C'mon, I shouldn't give up journaling, right? :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh, The Life of Show Business!

We're taking it to Broadway!
Ok, so maybe not. But...last week Aaron and I performed in church together. I played a beautiful rendition of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and Aaron sang! It was the coolest thing ever that we could do it, together, perform, as a couple! The lady who asked us to do it said, "So...will you be ready to do it again in another 3 months?" Haha, and we already got asked to perform at a baptism. Watch out world, here we come! :)
Bloggin' With The Butlers