Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Fact {about us} Friday

So, there have been blogs that I have seen that have certain days where they write about something in particular. (Ex. Craft Thursday). Well I have been trying to think lately about what I could do and I thought: Recipe (nope, I only cook from the best friend). Craft (nope, not the best "crafter"). And that is about as far as I got and then I thought about random things that Aaron and I have been doing recently and so I thought I would do a "Random Fact {about us} Friday". I am doing this mainly for our sake so when we are old and our memory is gone we can remember all the random things we did, said or habits we had. So, to start off today I thought I would highlight Aaron:

Random Fact: Every night we go through the same routine. Right before we go to bed, Aaron pulls out his phone to set his alarm and he goes through every single alarm tone on his phone to pick one! I keep telling him that they don't change from day to day but we still listen to all of them and pick one out. They range from "Duck Quacks" to "Crickets Chirping" to "Emergency Alarm Alert Blowhorn" (not my favorite).
So there you go, one of many random facts about us! Happy Friday!

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  1. Too funny, I think I'm going to like Fridays. :)


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