Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Phone Dump

 I was looking on my phone today and realized I didn't document our summer, at all. So, here are the pictures I took on my phone this summer with a little caption with each to help you see what we did :)

Wray Family Reunion. "Wray's" The Bar. Even got a mission call in the mail.
Hansen Family Reunion at the Hansen Cabin.
Completely cleaned and organized our house and threw lots of things away. Found the directions to our toaster.
 Butlers came up to Utah for a trip. Went to the SF Rodeo, made water balloon launchers, went up to the mountains and did Dutch-Ovening.
Attempted to eat rolls for breakfast "on the run" and learned they are not a "breakfast" item.
 Made Aaron attempt the "Jef Holm" hair :)
 Pregnancy craving?
 Got an "iPad" to use in my classroom.
Went to a Journey concert with Matt and Lauren. Pat Benetar opened, she is 60.
 Sara and Alex came to stay for a few days. Went into Salt Lake.
 Aaron has as many facebook friend requests as Jimmer Fredette.
 Procrastinated doing our laundry and had to bring it out in a huge blanket to the living room.
 Loving looking for cute baby clothes.
 Did a weight loss simulator we found online...Aaron's guy actually looked like him. Ha!
And that, my friends wraps up our summer, or at least as far as my phone saw it. Hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 1st Grade Classroom

Here is my very own 1st Grade Classroom! All finished and I couldn't be more proud! It turned out perfectly! It took a lot of time and effort but now it is totally worth it! School started on Tuesday and I only bawled for 30 minutes after the kiddos left and so I would say it was a success ;) Today was much better and I am thinking it is going to be a great year! 

Take a tour of my "Circus" themed classroom! Enjoy!

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