Monday, October 31, 2011

Cousin Alex:

Cousin Alex came to visit this weekend. We Loved It & Him.
The weekend consisted of late night talks, Farkle games, massive Cinnamon Rolls, cleaning the church, talking about owning a farm together someday and lots of love and hugs. Come back soon Alex, we loved having you here :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Fact Friday #2

Fact: Aaron hogs all of the blankets at night.
Before we got married we talked about how I slept with the sheet and covers pulled up to my neck, even in the middle of the summer. Aaron on the other hand only slept with a sheet over his stomach because he gets so warm at night...enough said. Luckily Aaron has conformed to wearing the comforter, but I am not sure I believe him when he says he is "warm" at night because EVERY night he steals all the covers and I am left with nothing and end up freezing. So, after this going on for a while we came up with a solution and here it is:
(ignore the messy room).
Last night we decided to tuck the covers in on my side tight underneath the bed so they wouldn't go anywhere and then I entered in on Aaron's side...and it worked! I stayed warm all night and had a comforter to sleep with and so did he! It is brilliant! (except when I need get up really early in the morning and I have to wake up Aaron so he can let me out of the bed!) We may do this the rest of our marriage! Glad we found a solution! Signed, the finally warm sleeper

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Shake Testers!

"We did it, We did it, We really really did it!" We finally tasted our last Pumpkin Pie Shake and now we are ready to tell you what we have found! (And just in time too...Dairy Queen's is only there through the end of get on it!)

So, as I have learned in my assessment classes at properly grade something you need a rubric and so I thought I would use a holistic rubric to base our grading on these shakes so there is no bias and to make sure it is reliable and valid ;) So here is our grading scale:

Size (medium)
5 Spoons
Let’s Get Two!
Big and Yummy!
Just right…like homemade
The works!
4 Spoons
Not Bad!
Good Size!
Yum! A little added variety!
3 Spoons
Something there
2 Spoons
Kind of Expensive
Not thick
A hint of something
1 Spoon
Tiny Weenie

Dairy Queen:
Score: 5 SPOONS!!!
WHY: Great Price! Huge! Filled Aaron and I both up! It had the homemade ice cream consistency but our favorite part was all the little extra things in it! YUMMY pumpkin pie/crust pieces inside as well as delicious cream on the top! Definitely recommend it!

Arctic Circle:
Score: 2 SPOONS (Sorry Natalie!)
WHY: Small size! Not a good price! Though I love egg nog it had a strong taste of that in it, which didn't blend well. No extras too it and it was runny. It wasn't horrible but compared to the others, we wouldn't really recommend it! :(

Score: 4 SPOONS!
WHY: Best Price! A little smaller than Dairy Queens! It had a great consistency, YUM! It also had some cream on top which we loved but none of the yummy inside "chunks" like Dairy Queen! We definitely liked it though and would get it again! If you can't make it to Dairy Queen in time this is definitely a yummy alternative!

Well, there you have it! Our take on the Pumpkin Pie Shakes for this fall season! Can't wait to find something to try next year! Let us know what you thought if you go try them! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pickin' Pumpkins...

On Saturday Aaron and I picked up Carlie and we went to a Pumpkin Patch located by our house in Springville. It was SO much fun! While there we went through a "Hay Maze" (non scary...of course!)
 Below is a little Harry Potter action going on. This is Carlie and I pretending to be Harry and Cedric in the 4th book racing to the end of the maze to get to the golden cup!
 The Happy Couple :)
 There was even a {disgusting} petting zoo there...they had a llama in a cage with a kangaroo and also the world's largest pig...or so I think. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.
And took an adorable siblings it just me or should this be on a dentist teeth whitening billboard! Haha.
We then went to the most amazing thing in the world...a huge pit of corn seeds. Kind of like a sand pit, but better! We had so much fun playing in it! We...
{buried our feet in it}
 {threw it in the air}
 {buried Aaron in it}
 {made snow corn angels in it} 
 {did the splits in it}  
 {TRIED to do the splits in it}
 We then went treking through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins to carve!
 We then came back to our apartment for some pizza, yummy homemade oreo ice cream and the carving of the pumpkins. We all sat on the living room floor and watched a movie while we did it :)
 Here are the final results of our long labor of carving! Carlie did...Mary Poppins! It turned out SO cute!
 Aaron did an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing!
And I did kind of an old time vintage shilouette of a girl. I thought it turned out cute though it is a little hard to tell what it is :)
Overall we had a really fun time and can't wait to make it family tradition of going to a pumpkin patch! Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wheel of Fortune Future:

Today, to decide our future, Aaron and I decided to make a "Wheel of Fortune Future" board. We listed on one piece of paper all the jobs that we might want to have and on the other we listed all the places we would want to go to school. We stuck ourselves in the middle and then spun a spinner to see where we are to go and what we are do to. Pretty accurate, right? I am hoping for "Professional Ice Cream Testers" and to go to "Oxford (aka. Hogwarts)" for school. We'll let you know! ;)
Future Jobs
Future Schools

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Packing My Lunch

One day, Aaron packed my lunch for me. He was being really secretive and wouldn't let me see what he was doing. I opened my lunch the next day and started laughing. He did such a great job that I had to take a picture of it :) Love Him!
Probably the best lunch I have had in a while :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Fact {about us} Friday

So, there have been blogs that I have seen that have certain days where they write about something in particular. (Ex. Craft Thursday). Well I have been trying to think lately about what I could do and I thought: Recipe (nope, I only cook from the best friend). Craft (nope, not the best "crafter"). And that is about as far as I got and then I thought about random things that Aaron and I have been doing recently and so I thought I would do a "Random Fact {about us} Friday". I am doing this mainly for our sake so when we are old and our memory is gone we can remember all the random things we did, said or habits we had. So, to start off today I thought I would highlight Aaron:

Random Fact: Every night we go through the same routine. Right before we go to bed, Aaron pulls out his phone to set his alarm and he goes through every single alarm tone on his phone to pick one! I keep telling him that they don't change from day to day but we still listen to all of them and pick one out. They range from "Duck Quacks" to "Crickets Chirping" to "Emergency Alarm Alert Blowhorn" (not my favorite).
So there you go, one of many random facts about us! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Pre Halloween} Monster Mash

The Story's and my mom put on our fun annual Halloween Dinner for all us cousins! It was so much fun! This is year it was "Hat's Off To Halloween" so we all wore crazy hats! Below are some fun pictures from the night!
 The spooky decorated table! So cute! They even had dry ice in the bucket to make it spill all over the table!
 Aaron was a cowboy and I was Dr. Seuss I guess :)
 Cousin Love! Carlie and Emily! Nice Hats!
So below is the spooky menu we could choose from. As a table you had to decide what you wanted and in which order and then it was served to you! Since we didn't know what they were, we picked them all backwards! We got dessert first and our drinks last! Below are some of the items we ate :)
 That is pudding, oreos and a cookie! YUM!
 Bugs in "blood sauce"!
 Dracula's Liver!
And roaches on our pasta salad!
We then played a fun game about Hal-oweens dead body and we passed around and felt the different body parts in a bag and had to guess what they were. Here is Aaron feeling his eyeball (frozen grapes!)
We had such a fun time! Thanks family for putting it on! We loved it! Happy Halloween!
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