Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...

We had a fun Labor Day weekend this year. On Saturday we decided to be productive and so we got up, went to the temple and then we made a big grocery list and set out to WinCo (AMAZING!) to get all the groceries we would need. Below is what we bought (and more!) for such a good price...and it should last us over a month! Woo Hoo!
 That night I put myself in charge of our "date night". Since we moved to Springville "The City of Art", I thought we would go visit the Springville Art Museum. Then we came home and I had bought some paint and posters for us to use to make our own art. Aaron looks so excited, right? ;)
 So we pulled out everything and went to work...with no paint brushes, just our fingers :) Aaron (with my help of mixing colors) painted our future home. Isn't it beautiful? Big, front porch, lamp posts, garden, trees, green...but with NYC in the distant/close background. A good mixture of both since we can't decide which setting we would like to live in more.
 We then painted our future family/kids. For the moment it is 5...because we have 5 names we like, but who knows. The girls definitely take after me in their hairstyles ;)
 We then painted portraits of each was a lot of fun. Though neither of our paintings look anything like us, it was still fun to do :)
 Did you notice Aaron's really small chest and his toupee hair going on???
 This is Aaron's interpretation of what I look like...I am not sure what to think about it :)
 I kind of have thinning, short hair and I am also wearing a hippie shirt. Hmmmm...
 We had a nice relaxing Sunday. We went to church and then came home to make some yummy chocolate chip cookies.
 We poured ourselves a glass of milk and watched the movie on President Monson, it was great!
 Monday we got up and tried to start putting our house together and decorating it. We found it occasionally a little hard to hammer nails into cinder-block concrete walls...but we made it work (pictures to follow with how it all looks now)
That night we met up with Lauren & Matt, Natalie, Talon and Lila at Pei Wei for a final goodbye dinner before the Jones' family took off to Tennessee for a couple years! Crazy! It was so great getting everyone together, catching up and opening dozens of fortune cookies.
 We then sadly had to return to real life with school and work the next day :( But we love being married and can't wait for many more fun weekends together!


  1. haha!I love the comment about how the girls have your hairstyle! So funny, and so cute! And you guys are so creative-way to go!

  2. You guys are too cute! :) Did you see any of these paintings at the Springville Art Museum? That's my great-grandpa...hoping to come see them sometime since I didn't know they were there until after I'd moved away from Utah! You should totally decorate your apartment with your art you made...I love the dream home! :)


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