Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This past week Aaron and I went camping! So fun! (Don't act shocked...I can "rough it" with the best of them!). I was going to surprise him and we were going to go on his birthday weekend but we both ended up getting the flu and so we moved it to this weekend. I met Aaron up at his work (at my Uncle's Farm, just up Provo Canyon at a place called Wallsburg) and then we headed off. Not too far up from the cabin, we found this beautiful camp spot!
 The leaves have started to change and everything! It was amazing!
 It was starting to get dark so I started on making our dinner, Tin Foil Dinners! Yum! They turned out great, which is good...because we were hungry!
 We went to bed quite early that night because earlier that day Aaron had moved 400 bayles of Hay, each weighing approximately 80 pounds...yeah, he is buff...and was exhausted. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and we slept as good as you can on a pile of dirt and rocks ;) The next morning Aaron cooked us some yummy (a tad tasting like ashes and smoke) pancakes!
 And since we were too tired to make s'more the night before, we had to do in the morning, because what is camping with out s'mores?
  Aaron then wanted to explore the little river right next to our campsite...
 ...the water was FREEZING cold though... (this picture is not posed!)
 ...and so he quickly wanted to get out!
 Aaron, the Dutch Oven King, then found a great recipe he wanted to try: Orange Rolls. Enough Said. We made homemade everything, in the wild, yeah...we are that good! We then rolled it all up and sliced them and then put them in the Dutch Oven!
 Aaron took special care of the coals and food!
 And THIS is how they turned out! Yum! YES, they were as good as they look! (Now, don't you want to go camping with us next time?)
 After that we cleaned up our campsite and headed back home...but not before I could get a picture of my awesome shoes! See...I am a true camper!

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  1. What a fun camping trip! The orange rolls look really good! We will come camping with you next time! We were planning on going this summer, but just haven't yet. See you two this weekend!


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