Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture-less Weekend

So...when I went to London last year I hit this point where I got "pictured out". What does that mean you ask? Well after taking a bajillion-gazillion (yes Aaron, those are real numbers) pictures everyday, on everyone's cameras you are just kind of, well, done. I am afraid I may have started to hit that point and we haven't been even married a month (tomorrow though, we will!). But thankfully for my phone, I have a picture or two to show proof of what we did this weekend.

Friday night we were going to babysit the von Bose girls but because of the rain soccer got canceled and so we didn't end up doing that but we were so excited because Heidi and Tylan came into town for a quick trip this weekend so we were able to hang out with them, talk and play "Plants vs. Zombies".

The next day was a "lazy" day for Aaron and I. We had waffles for breakfast, we both did some homework, Aaron may or may not have watched Star Wars. (I snuck this picture of him watching!)
He watched episode 5 to be exact. (which in my mind is really #2 and this whole out of order thing makes no sense and why do they all have weird names that sound the same and does Luke's face freak anyone else out when he finds out "Darth" is his dad? And who really can understand a "Wookie?" and why did Star Wars base its movies off of: Harry Potter (the whole, evil person inisde the other's head and they are related and all, Toy Story 2 (you the game where Buzz and Zerg face off) and Monster's Inc (when they get trapped in the garbage dispenser thing and almost get crushed, like Boo)? Ok, I am done...I didn't watch the whole thing of 1&2 (or 4&5, depending how you look at it) but Aaron likes it and since I have made him sit through Pride and Prejudice, I thought it was only fair. Aaron and I then headed up to the Farm where Aaron works so he could change the water lines and since we didn't have tickets to the game we decided to stay up there and watch it.
Here is Aaron changing the water! Isn't he great???

 While we were out there we also saw these beautiful white tailed deer (that my brother Ethan informed me after I gave him the description...thanks E!)
That night we watched the sad BYU football game (and we will leave it at that). We had some yummy treats and had a fun little "get-away" even if it was just for a short night. We got up the next morning (today) and headed to church, Aaron had an interview with the Bishop and Stake President for his BYU application (Woo Hoo!) and than after church we had Carlie over! It was SO fun!
I picked her up from Heritage, we had delicious "chicken pillows", corn and then of course we had to have the left over cookie dough and homemade ice cream for another skookie! We had a fun time catching up with her and can't wait for her next visit. Come over anytime Chuck...when we pick you up and bring you to our house! Love you all! Hope you had a great weekend! :)


  1. Thanks for being willing to be a soccer mom for the night! Whew, that was a close one! ;) (And, um, just for the record, Harry Potter, Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. were made *after* Star Wars...)

  2. We loooooved seeing you! We so wish we could be up there with you. Thanks for making the weather perfect for us.

    And Ty still loves your apartment and is probably a little jealous. ;)


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