Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our FHE Activity

Sorry this is a little late coming but I wanted to share what we did for FHE {Family Home Evening} on Monday. Aaron was in charge and so we first blew up balloons (I have been sick with a cold and so I had Aaron blow up my balloon since I couldn't breathe through my nose!) and then we drew "man" faces on the follows:
 We then went into the bathroom where Aaron covered them in whip cream, like a beard. And our job was to "shave" them with a knife and if you popped it, then you lost.
 The only problem was that the whip cream slid right off and made the balloon heavy and hard to hold on this is my attempt at it. (Sadly, I used so much whip cream that all Aaron had left for his balloon was some runny cream). you can imagine...we had to have a whip cream fight! It got all over us and the bathroom, but it was oh so fun! (I promise Aaron thought so!)
 The next day the balloons were still in the bathroom and so I decided to play a little trick on Aaron. I hid one of them in the toilet and I hid the other in the shower. I waited all day for him to come home and he finally did and I couldn't hold in the laughter as he came storming out of the bathroom! Haha.

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