Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Time!

We got a call from Carlie late Sunday night asking if we had plans on Thursday, sadly I realized I had a school thing to attend and so I asked her what was up! She had just gone to see Mary Poppins in Salt Lake and LOVED it and wanted us to go see it and so she had called the family and everyone chipped in for us to go! (My bro. Ethan even gave $11!) We really wanted to go and so we made arrangements so we could go on Tuesday night! After school and work we headed into SLC! Here we are in front of the Theater.
 Me and MARY POPPINS!!! I love her!
 It was a wonderful play! We loved it! If you couldn't tell from the title! Actually, that song was my favorite and I couldn't stop singing it all the way there and back because in the song they spell it and I wanted to learn how to SO bad, and so I annoyed Aaron all night but I finally learned it and I had Aaron test me as I sang it to him! Haha!
Our seats! (Shhhhh...I wasn't supposed to take a picture!)
 We got home pretty late and realized/remembered that we had no hot water :( And I needed to take a shower and the water was honestly melted snow coming out of our drain! -5 degrees at least! I tried getting in but screamed and couldn't, so what was our solution??? We boiled a pot of water instead and needless to say we got it fixed the next morning! ;)
Hope your day is "Practically Perfect In Every Way!"

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  1. Fuuuun!!! And jealous! I've heard it's amazing. I'm so glad you got to go. :)

    I hope I get a call from Carlie someday asking my plans.... ;)

    Haha, my verification word is "kiesses"!


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