Monday, September 12, 2011


So...what do you do while you are at home, waiting for your husband to get home from work and you are bored out of your mind (yes, you may have homework, but that is besides the point), well...I will tell you what you do...
1. Cook a yummy chicken tortilla soup
2. Set out chips and salsa and some grated cheese
3. Make some ridiculous name tags to go on the table
4. And turn on some silly "Mexican Fiesta Party Music" so you can cha cha to him as he enters the door
 Yes, this is what you do :)


  1. You are quite possibly the cutest wife ever. :)

  2. Agreed!!

    I do have a suggestion though. On St. Patrick's day, please dress up like a Leprechaun and "River Dance" to the door. He'll like that. ;)

  3. Oooh, and then come and do it at my house, too! I think we all want to see that. :)


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