Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Birthday Boy:

So...yesterday was Aaron, my HUSBAND's, birthday! (He is old now, or so he says...he is 22). And let me tell you...birthday's are a BIG deal and so we went all out in celebration! I got up early (eh hem...5 am) to get everything ready! I decorated his "wall" (a tradition my family does each year. It is all cute and theme-y and had things relating to you and your birthday!) This year I decided to do a Night At The Museum 2 theme, since Aaron just watched the movie, loved it, and can't stop quoting it :) I had the best time ever coming up with everything and because I find them hilarious (and thankfully so did Aaron), I will show them to you...(Warning...if you haven't seen Night at the Museum 2...they probably won't be funny!)
Then I packed Aaron's lunch for the day with the appropriate label "Birthday Boy" on the outside with some sandwiches, crackers, cookies and a cute love note inside. I then made his "breakfast in bed"! This is done by my family each year and it consists of making pancakes in the shape of the number age you are turning...let me tell you, it is hard! I have so much more respect for my parents now and their craftiness in constructing and flipping pancakes. I got the shape down, but flipping was another story. The first pancake reminded me of Pride and Prejudice (sorry for yet another reference). Literally, while I was cooking, I quoted this line, "whose own sister's elopement resulted in a scandalously patched-up marriage." That is my pancake!!! Scandalously patched-up! Haha, it fell apart and so I had to kind of piece it back together and so it looked semi-normal. Anyways...I then pulled out the birthday plate (That I made on a date. Shhh...don't tell Aaron!).
I set it on a cookie sheet covered in a place mat, poured a glass of milk and I was off to wish him a Happy Birthday! I opened the door, turned on the light and started singing Happy Birthday! Aaron loved it!
He was so excited to have his "breakfast in bed" and to go out and see his "birthday wall" (which he loved and laughed at! Whew!) It was such a fun morning. We then ate pancakes together and Aaron headed to work feeling like the king of the world.
That day I came home from school early and started working on his special request birthday dinner: pulled pork sandwiches. I also made some homemade vanilla ice cream and some cookie dough in preparation for our "Skookies" that night! Aaron came home, we had a wonderful dinner and then he opened up his presents. He loved them all! (It is fun to creatively come up with gifts when you are on a budget!)
After eating we played a thrilling game of scrabble and Aaron wanted to watch highlights from Night At The Museum 2 (because he loved his wall so much!) We then finally (or so we thought) had room in our stomachs for our "Skookie". We baked the cookie until it was almost all the way done (on our nifty little skillet) and put a generous helping of our homemade ice cream on top! HEAVEN! Good thing we only made one...because we didn't even finish it. It was delicious but we both felt sick by the end!
It was a most wonderful birthday for a most wonderful boy! How grateful I am that Aaron was born and that he is my husband! Now that is definitely worth celebrating! Happy Birthday!


  1. Aubrie! Okay, you and Aaron are seriously just the cutest couple in the entire world! I am obsessed, with all the adorable things you guys do together!! I now have a little notebook where I write down all your cute date ideas, traditions... etc. {Don't worry. I always give you credit. hA} I just LOOOVEEE you! Youre amazing :)

  2. I second the first half of Amy's comment! I miss you guys and wish you lived close so we could hang out as married couples! I love reading your blog. Keep it going!


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