Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plan vs. What Happened

Plan: Study and do homework all day Saturday so we can just play on Monday (no school!)
What Happened: Spent all day cleaning, organizing, hanging, vaccumming the house.

Plan: Buy an attena to go on our TV so we could watch the Miss America Pageant that night.
What Happened: We spent 2 hours shopping, buying, trying it out, finding it didn't work, went to get a different one and finally found out our TV is too old and everything is digital now.

Plan: Watch Miss America, vote for our favorites, do a point system, see who won
What Happened: Since we couldn't watch it, we looked up their profiles online and picked our top ten and narrowed it down from there. We looked up later to see who had one. We both did pretty well in our picks. Aaron's #1 got 3rd runner up and my #1 got runner up :)

Plan: We then decided to watch a movie, Star Trek to be exact (Aaron asked me what I knew about it, I said, "Pointy Ears and the Reading Rainbow guys wears a headband over his eyes!).
What Happened: We finally went to go watch it and it was unavailiable, and so we decided to watch the movie "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" On YouTube, split into 8 different parts. Haha.

Plan: We then decided to go to bed and try again tomorrow.
What Happened: And that's exactly what we did ;)

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