Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Weekend of Big Purchases:

We splurged for our date this weekend...we went to the $3 theater and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2
 We used a gift card from our wedding to buy ice cream from Cold Stone
 We SPLIT a burrito from Cafe Rio! YUM!
 Saturday was filled with (still) returning wedding items and buying some more things that we needed (a big purchase will be revealed at a later date) and then the night was spent with me writing lesson plans and Aaron playing a Harry Potter Wand Spell Casting Game on his iTouch. Here he is, casting spells...also, enjoy the video below :)

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  1. After we drove away I realized I had a full Cafe Rio card for a free meal in my wallet that I should have given to you guys. I love that you ended up there anyway! :)


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