Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

On Saturday Lauren and Matt invited us over for a fun Halloween Party! We were each asked to bring a appetizer and so we found this idea! A Spider Web Bean Dip! So easy and cute!
Lauren also made some adorable appetizers which included ghosts and mummies!
It was also a costume party! Now, as most of you know I have been planning YEARS for the time I would get married and my husband and I could have matching clever Halloween costumes but unfortunately I ran out of time (and we have no money) and so we went with the "80's" and this is what we came up with:
Not too exciting or original but still fun none the less! Here are a couple individual shots for your enjoyment!
Lauren dressed up as a cat and we are not exactly sure what Matt was...he claimed to be an old man in a leisure suit :)
We played some fun games like trying to suck up candy corn threw a straw and transfer it to another bowl! It is harder than you think!
On Halloween we just decided to get Papa Murphy's for dinner because there were making yummy and fun Halloween Pumpkin Pizzas! So cute!
We then waited around for Trick-Or-Treaters to come. We even bought candy! Sadly we only had about 20 come.
We even went outside and sat on camping chairs waiting for them to come but still no luck. Thankfully the von Bose girls game and so we were able to give them all of our candy and it was so fun seeing them dressed up!
I forgot to mention...we dressed up...kind of. We were trying to relate to the younger generation who would be coming around and so we dressed up as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (just with what we had around the house) kind of failed, but it was still fun!
Our first Halloween together was so much fun! I will have to start planning our costumes now for next year! :)

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