Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When trying to figure out what to blog about I went to my phone and found some random pictures from this past week and so I will explain each to you and that will have to do for now seeing as Aaron and I are both busy: I am currently teaching (kind of) and Aaron at the moment is driving back from Idaho will a truck load of potatoes. Haha. 
We are THAT poor that we pack our own water bottles to the movie theater
A little treasure we found at the DI while looking for a desk
"Sketchy Springville" 
Aaron and I noticed these signs down the street from us when we were driving home one day: 
Weather Stripping
Hot and Ready Hawaiians
Keys got stuck in our carpool car going home from West Jordan...how El Ed majors get them out, a door stop.
Lastly, LIGHT came into town this weekend (the group that introduced Aaron and I). We had a great time catching up with friends and singing with them in the fireside.

There you go: Randomosity

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  1. AW! How fun that LIGHT came up there and you're so lucky you got to see them! Jealous!


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