Sunday, November 6, 2011

On A Snowy Saturday:

(Just a quick recap of the days leading up to Saturday). Dad Butler came into town for a very quick trip and so we got to see him on Thursday with the von Boses! So fun! Friday night we made home made York Peppermint Patty Ice Cream (the extra ingredients from the last time we made it was burning a hole in our fridge) and watched the movie Ratatouille, which I had never seen and Aaron loved (thanks von Boses for letting us borrow it!)
Saturday was such a fun day! We got started with an early morning because apparantly since we get up at 6 every morning that our body thinks it needs to get up at 6 on Saturdays, that is NOT ok. We then headed on on a fun date night, that Aaron was in charge of. (I have been a little selfish and took all the "date nights" for the month of September and October, so I told him he could have November). He was being very secretive and then told me we were going on a SCAVENGER HUNT around Springville! So fun! Here are the places we went and the things we found!
The "little children" who are statues outside an Orthodontist office down the street from us!
 We then had to go to the Springville Art Museum and find the statue of a huge Indian man!
 Next, we had to find the Indian's horses in the museum! (made of wood, pretty cool!)
 We then had to find the man outside the museum who was selling potatoes!
 And we had to deliver the potatoes to "Mark" who "likes to read (this one really confused me)
 It was good ol' Mark Twain down on Main Street!
 We then had to go to the museum where old women are! (the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum)
(then, just for fun, we decided to play in the leaves!)
 Then, like olden times, we needed to find a trolley to ride! (ok, so it is really just a restaurant, but still!)
 Our next clue said to go to a place where the owner is grumpy and they sell food! 
 We decided to actually go in and try a Krany Frank. We asked the guy what his name was and he said, "Kranky". Haha, but we was actually nice. It was a fun place! You only live once right? :)
 We then had to "zoom" on over to the racer going down Main Street.
Then we went to my favorite place: Go to a place filled with books and fun! (the NEW Springville Library!) Part of the Scavenger Hunt was to also get a Library Card! (don't worry, I did sing the Arthur song to Aaron!)
 You can also check out CD's and DVD's there....including EVERY SINGLE SEASON OF GILMORE GIRLS! What?!?!?!? I know where I am spending the rest of my life! ;)
 Last, make a stop at Magelbey's and get yourself some dessert! (and so of course we had to get their famous chocolate cake!)
We had such a fun time! Then, we came home and had to be productive and do homework and other fun things like that.
Aaron then looked outside and saw that there was going to be a beautiful sunset and so I quickly suggested we get in the car, grab some blankets, our chocolate cake and drive up to the look out spot on the mountain by our house and watch the sun set. That probably goes down as one of the top moments of being married so far, it was magical.
Man, I am just one lucky girl and so in love with life right now!


  1. I need a Gilmore Girls marathon! (and some of that chocolate cake - mmmmmmmm)

  2. "Having fun! Isn't hard! When you've got a library card!" Yes. Point Carlie. Every season of Gilmore Girls?!?! Thank you Springville library for making my dreams come true. I am SOOOO there. By the way, you're one dang lucky girl! I want to go on a fun date like that!!


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