Wednesday, November 16, 2011

News from BYU!!!

"We are sportin' blue, because Aaron was accepted to BYU!!!"
That's right! We found out two days ago that Aaron was accepted to BYU! Woo Hoo! Way to go Hon! So proud of you! That means we will be staying in Provo for the rest of our lives (ok, so at least 3 years) and will be able to attend all Homecoming events forever! YES!

To celebrate I made Aaron a little "blue" dinner in honor of BYU! Love him!
Rice Krispie Treat "Y"
Blue Pancakes, Blue Eggs, Blue Hashbrowns, Blue Juice
 The HANDSOME most recent BYU Acceptee! Woo Hoo! Couldn't be a more proud wife!

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  1. Hooray, hooray!!! So excited for Aaron (and even more excited for ME because you guys are STAYING IN UTAH!!!) Yay!!! I vote you really do stay forever and build a house right next to mine ;)


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