Monday, November 21, 2011

Can't Wait!!!!

Thanksgiving...let the countdown begin...ahhhh, I can't wait anymore (as I write one final paper)...we are leaving in 21 hours for St. George! It is going to be SO fun! In the mean time, while I procrastinate writing this paper, here are some pictures from this weekend :)

We attended a fun surprise birthday for our cousin Lauren! Woo Hoo! 23! It was a lot of fun to celebrate with her and catch up with her and Matt!
 We walked outside and this is what was going on! Boo! Not fun! It was quite an experience driving home!
 Hannah and Will were sweet enough to give us their football tickets for Saturday night so we bundled up for the 30 degree weather and went. It was so fun! It was my first game of the season and Aaron's first game ever! We loved it!
 We sat with Carlie, Rachel and Daniel! It was so fun!
 We snuck in some "Tootsie Pops". Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!
 We had to walk around a little bit so our legs didn't freeze in one posistion, and we came upon this! Pretty fun and applicable for the most recently acceptee and the close graduate!
We love BYU! :)

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