Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday:

Fact: Aaron and I get "hooked" on certain foods and then eat them non stop until they are gone!
We have experienced this quite a few times since we have been married. The two I remember most is first gingerbread pieces...after we spent the weekend at the cabin with the girls making gingerbread houses we got hooked on eating gingerbread. We took a bag home, stole my mom's bag of extras and below is the Story's bag too! I swear we ate them all in a matter of days! YUM!
 Most recently we were obsessed with Tootsie Rolls. We didn't have many Trick-or-Treaters and so we had lots of Tootsie Rolls left over. We had them sitting out and ate them day in and day out, below might or might not be one of our pockets emptied out before we did the wash...
Now, all we need to do is become hooked on carrots, or celery or broccoli...I will let you know if that happens anytime soon ;) Happy Friday!

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