Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Past Date Nights

Here are some fun date nights that we have been on lately.

We are all about FREE and CHEAP! And so on this date we used Provo Beach Resort cards with money still on them to get some food (was poor quality food but it was free).
 We also have lots of free movie passes (thanks to Dave and Suzanne for these) and so we went and saw a Football movie called the "Throwback"...once again not really quality (they had 40 year old men playing 18 year olds in High School) but it was great to get out. 
 Afterwards we used our Provo Beach Resort cards again and got a delicious Bluebell Ice Cream Root Beer Float! Yum!
 The first week of May Aaron, Me, Chuck and her date Brigham went a saw the play "Father of the Bride" at the Hale theater (thanks Mom and Dad). It wasn't the best play I have seen there but it was fun to double with Chuck and to be at the Hale Theater. 
 On Friday, after finding out some disappointing news, we decided to go out to cheer me up. We went to Sumo's Shaved Ice. Best thing ever! Very similar to Bahama Bucks at home in AZ! We can't wait to go back! Summer is wonderful!
We then and went and saw the Avengers (free movie passes again). I didn't really want to see it but I was so glad I did! It was great! We both loved it!

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