Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom,

Below is the note I wrote to my Mom on Mother's Day this year. Enjoy!

I love you! Thanks for creating me! Thanks for answering the phone and talking to me when I call you 4 times a day! Thanks for caring about the little things in my life! Thanks for sending me packages on the holidays, it means more to me than you know! Thanks for all your support in all I do including school, job searching, boys and so much more! Thanks for taking lots of pictures so we can remember everything! Thanks for coming up early to graduation so we could hang out! Thanks for the sowing machine…someday I will make you an awesome Halloween costume! Thanks for passing on your great looks! Thanks for not making fun of me in my awkward growing up years! Thanks for making me take piano lessons! Thanks for loving my sweet husband! Thanks for naming me Aubrie, I like it! Thanks for being a great example! Thanks for taking us to Extreme Makeover Home Edition, it was awesome! Thanks for picking out cute clothes for me to wear! Thanks for getting me into an orthodontist! Thanks for our matching heel problems! Thanks for letting me study abroad in London! Thanks for driving us to Max Crumm’s house! Thanks for all of our cute house decorations! Thanks for being a great cook! Thanks for giving me a moustache! …Thanks for introducing me to Nads! Thanks for finally getting a facebook! Thanks for answering all my cooking questions and grocery store dilemmas! Thanks for being an example by always looking your best! Thanks for marrying such a cool guy! Thanks for always making us feel special on our birthdays! Thanks for my two awesome siblings! Thanks for giving Carlie the singing talent! …Thanks for giving me the organization talent! Thanks for not making me do PE in Jr. High and High School! Thanks for always encouraging me to try things! Thanks for making such cool Student Council slogans and stickers! Thanks for putting me in ballet! Thanks for giving me the bigger room with the bigger closet! Thanks for allowing us to see our cousins so often! Thanks for coming up to visit regularly, we love seeing you! Thanks for having such cool parents and family! Thanks for giving me your “punny” humor! Thanks for taking us to the many Clay Aiken concerts! Thanks for always making us laugh! …Thanks for being a great dancer! Thanks for being my same size in clothes! Thanks for making amazing cake pops! Thanks for all my fun birthday parties growing up! Thanks for your testimony of this church! Thanks for being the best mom that anyone could ever ask for!

Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Aubrie

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  1. I loved this so much!!! I posted it on the fridge! You are an amazing daughter, and I am blessed to be your mother! Love you sweetheart!


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