Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Aaron and I listened to the Mockingjay (third book in the Hunger Games series) on CD as we traveled in the car together. And guess what...we really liked it! Surprise, Surprise! I know we are the only ones in the history of ever to like it, but we did, we really did! We thought the ending was just what needed to happen and be said about everything and everyone. Now all you haters out there, don't go telling us why you didn't like it because we don't want to be persuaded otherwise! District 12 for life!

Aaron and I went to this website and got our own Hunger Games ID's. I thought it would be a quiz to see which District we should be in, but it just assigned us. Aaron: District 3. Job: Assembly Operator. Aubrie: District 10. Job: Barn Manager (Funny much? That is Aaron's current job! ;)

And here are some last photos of us in our "Hunger Games Obsession" (HGO). This is after we saw the movie, the theater was celebrating the new release by taking these photos of people :)


  1. Aubrie, you two are seriously one of the most adorable couples in history! Seriously I love reading your blog :)

  2. I actually liked the ending too...I thought the ending gave a good amount of closure.


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