Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few Of Our {New} Favorite Things:

Here are a couple of our new favorite things. They should be your favorite things too!

1. DUNKAROOS! After a funny conversation with Matt and Lauren in Park City, they actually found this delicious snack from our childhood and they brought us a pack! Amazing! Definitely a new lunch staple!
 2. We got a Wii...well kind of. After playing Matt and Lauren's we fell in love and went on a search for one.   Aaron's brother Jake was "selling" his and so we decided to talk to him. He made a deal with us that he would give it to us, if he always had an open invitation to stay at our house! DEAL! We have loved playing it together!
3. One word for you...yummy! When I was on the GM Diet there was a day that you could drink fruit juice. We found this V8 diet juice and thought we would give it a try! Best decision ever! I love drinking this so much and it is even (kind of) good for you! Bonus!


  1. I'm a little offended that I wasn't mentioned in this post...after all...I'm your most favorite thing.

  2. How funny! I saw those dunkaroos at the grocery store a few weeks ago and totally wanted to get them cuz I remember always having those at the family reunion cousin stores! So yummy!


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