Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Park City Va-Ca

The day after Graduation Aaron and I headed up to Park City for the week. A much needed vacation! My grandparents found a great deal and were nice enough to get this for us! We LOVED it! Here is what we did!
1. We relaxed, ate lots of candy, watched movies and drank Martinelli's
2. We played "Ticket To Ride" our new favorite game.
3. We took walks down Main Street and decided we want to live there someday.
4.We did a little Hunger Games reenactment in the mining town of Park City
5. Did some more exploring down Main Street
6. Stayed in the only room in the whole complex without air conditioning. Solution? Put black bean cans in the window to keep them open.
7. More exploring of Park City.
8. We enjoyed the outside bonfires
9. Ate left over Cafe Rio dinner
10. Slept in until a KING SIZE BED (we have a full size)...and watched Boy Meets World. 
11. Went to the pool and hot tubs daily and got some pretty cool hair from it ;)
12. Pretended to read while we enjoyed the bonfire again.
13. Matt and Lauren came up on Friday and we partied with them. We went out to dinner...
14. We played a dancing game on the Wii...hilarious!
15. We woke up and had breakfast of waffles and sausage and then went to the pool and shopping
It was a perfect little vacation for a previously crazy week and an even crazier two weeks following...details to follow. 

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  1. Looks like you two had a blast in Park City! A well deserved vacation for sure! Glad you could get away and enjoy time together! love you!


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