Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party:

*Don't read the title is not Ugly Cousin Christmas Sweater Party ;)

We threw a little Christmas Party last night for the Wray cousins who are at BYU. We asked them to bring a date and we had a blast! Here are some highlights from the night:
Jeff and Sarah
Marissa and Daniel
Lauren and Matt
Carlie and Kyle
Us :)
We played many fun games...they included "Christmas Song Charades"
We did the traditional "white elephant" gift game. Gifts included a coconut, a scalp massage tool. $1 Cologne, Silly glasses and so much more :)
We then played a funny game of "Pass the Christmas Bows". Teams got into a line and had to see how fast they could pass 7 Christmas Bows down the line. It was so funny to watch and definitely a hit!
The next game we played was awesome! It was "Minute to Win it Christmas". You and your date had to pick up a Christmas Bulb with your lips on opposite sides, carry it across the room and hang it on a hanger. It was so fun to watch everyone do it! Thankfully no one dropped their bulb!
For one of our last games we had everyone put a Gingerbread Man cookie on their forehead. They had to try to wiggle their face and scrunch their nose to get it down into their mouth!
We wrapped up the night with some other random games, below is called "Nun Bowling". Haha
Aaron then taught the boys a cool way to tie ties and this led to a "tie tying" game led by Matt where you pass two ties around the circle and see how fast you can tie them! Pretty Fun!
Overall we had a great time and hope to keep this tradition up! Merry Christmas!


  1. Ahhh!! This looks SO fun! So funny to see those *beautiful* Christmas sweaters - though from the picture, I actually like Daniel's nordic themed sweater! Can't wait to see you THIS weekend!!!

  2. You guys are so much fun. What a great party. Love your sweaters.

  3. You officially win the ugly sweat contest! Flair bottomed Christmas tree sweater... Instant winner! (But you were of course super cute in it!)


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