Wednesday, December 7, 2011


(Ok...well kind of)

So basically my time here at BYU is done! Can you believe it? After 4 years? Let me explain...I finished my last class of the semester today (Stacie Rasmussen and I found it fitting that we started BYU with our first class together and ended BYU with our last class together...we met at BYU, Freshman year, in the El Ed Program!) and all I have left is Student Teaching...which means no BYU campus! What!?! The next time I am the Marriott Center, I could be walking! Crazy! I couldn't be more excited...I admit I have the BYU Blues a little right now and am getting excited to finally teach! :)

Below are some commemorative pictures from my first day at BYU, checking into my new dorm room!
Wow...I look like I have changed a lot these past 4 years! :) Here is to an exciting future, thanks BYU for preparing me to go out into the world! "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve".


  1. Oh-So fun to look back. I did the same thing and looked through my pictures and wrote down my memories from BYU over the past four years. And I'll admit, I made Bennett console me as I cried that my life is changing and I'm never going to set foot on BYU campus again. But thats just my nostalgia talking. I can't wait for student teaching too!

  2. OH MY GOSH! That is so exciting,congratulations!!


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