Monday, December 12, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go:

On Saturday we went into Salt Lake City to see the beautiful temple lights. I had heard Deseret Book was doing a "Mechanics of Christmas" Gingerbread Cookie shop and so we decided to stop in. It was so fun!
Here is Aaron with his yummy cookie!
Oh yeah, and I met David Archuleta, and kissed him. NBD.
The rest of the pictures are us touring Temple Square. We were really lucky that it wasn't too cold and there was no snow! Yay! (Most pictures are taken by us...except for the occasional when someone walked by and felt bad for us and took the picture for us)
The lady who took the picture covered the flash. Haha. 
We then headed to Grandma Wray's house. We enjoyed spending time with her, eating homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Root Beer Floats and staying up late watching "White Christmas". It was the perfect weekend! 
P.S. I am taking a "hiatus" this week from blogging because I HAVE to study for finals (I mean, it being the last time and all, I probably should) so don't expect another post for a little while :)

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  1. Good luck!!!

    My favorite temple picture is definitely the last one with your faces in the corner. ;)


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