Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Day of My Birth:

Yes, that is right folks, yesterday, December 28th was my birthday! Woo Hoo!
It was a most wonderful day. This is how it all began:
Breakfast in bed, prepared by my sweet husband, and delievered by Aaron and my family.

I went out to find my AMAZING birthday wall that Aaron did! It was so cute and creative!
We then had a fun time going to a missionary transfer meeting with my parents

 We then went to Dilly's Delli (one of my absolute FAVORITE places to eat!). We then played a fun "game" made up by my mom. Everyone in my family got a letter in my name and then some money. We had one hour at the mall to find a present that started with that letter. It was fun and everyone was really creative with their presents.
We then came back to the house, played Dance Kinect, cooked Tin Foil Dinners outisde on the fire-pit, we opened presents and played a fun game of Quelf. Overall it was a most wonderful birthday! Yay for 22!


  1. I love that Aaron has seen movies like Pride and Prejudice enough to be able to quote it. :D

  2. Holy moly, you look like you had an awesome day! I'm so sad I've been totally out of commission with this dang cold and missed celebrating your birthday even a little bit. :(


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