Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Will Miss Them...

Yesterday, Aaron and I met up with some of my really good friends from the El Ed Program and their husbands. We have had all of our classess together this past year (and really all 4 years) and have talked so much about our husbands (and our husbands knew about all of them) and so we thought it was time to meet up. We met up at the BYU Creamery and had a blast. It was fun having our husbands ask questions like, "So you are the one from Bountiful, right?", "Are you the one who wrote while on the mission?" "So, you're the one who works on a farm?" Haha. I am sad that all the girls I became good friends with live over an hour away but I am sure we will get together occasionally and keep in touch. Love these girls!
Aaron, Aubrie, Bennett, Stacie, Emily, James
*Aaron said as we walked out, "You all all just little clones of each other."  Haha....oh El Ed Major personailities ;)

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  1. So fun! We have to do this like once a month or something!


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