Monday, July 16, 2012

Universal-Harry Potter World

This post is going to be huge! We took so many pictures at Universal-Islands of Adventure, mainly because of Harry Potter World which we spent the majority of our day in and loved every single minute!

We heard that Harry Potter World is especially busy at the beginning of the day and so we headed to the other parts of the park first!

We first went on The Hulk! Crazy!
Then we went to Jurassic Park Land! Awesome (...although I have never seen any of the movies)
 Turkey Leg...gross!
I wish you could see Carlie's face in this picture, it describes it all! She hates Dinosaurs and was freaking out the whole time we were in Jurassic Park land and wouldn't go on the rides!
 It rained on and off during our trip so we bought these great ponchos! The girls had the Disney Princesses on the back and the boys were yellow with Mickey on the back. Carlie even decided to wear it on the log flume ride (Dudly Do-Right) so she wouldn't get wet!
 We then headed to Dr. Seuss land which was a lot of fun! We even ate at "Circus Mcgurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous!" and then of course we had to ride the cute carousel.
We then tried on some great Dr. Seuss apparel!
 I took some pictures in Dr. Seuss land to send as a postcard to my future students :) Though I think the parents might be concerned that the teacher of their students looks like she is 15, Haha.
 We watched the Sin-BAD show and it was pretty lame but that's ok! It had some cool effects and it was a chance for us to rest our feet!
 It began to rain again and so we pulled out the ponchos and hid under a covering until it finally calmed down a little!
The rest of this post is about Harry Potter World. Enjoy!
Below: The shops and scenery. Artistic Photos By: Stacie Hansen
Honeydukes where they had some of the coolest (and most expensive) candy! So cool!
A shop where you could buy wands, robes and brooms! Yes!
One of the coolest parts was Ollivander's Wand Shop!
We waited in line to go inside and meet Ollivander. It is so neat!
You go inside and he picks two kids, gets to know them and hands them wands to try! As they try them certain things happen in the room such as flowers wilt, the bookshelves start moving or random bells start going off. He then takes their wands and switches them and then just like the movie a fan comes on, a bright light and music and they are given the correct wand. They then try it again and it works! So cool! We were on of the last to leave, Aaron thanked Ollivander and he said he appreciated it because most people don't, he began talking to Ethan asking him when his birthday was and then he told Ethan he had an Ivy wand. Ethan asked what it looked like and he pulled it out for him and then had him test it out and it worked! He made the flowers in the room come to life! It was such a neat experience!
One of our favorites from Zonko's Joke Shop!
Castle Pics:
The inside of the castle was so neat! The pictures actually moved and talked! They also had the sorting hat, Dumbledore's office and rooms where the characters from the movie were projected and talked to you while you wait in line!
We got to meet a Gryffindor and some of the people from the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
Platform 9 3/4!
The Hogs Head and the Three Broomsticks were connected to each other and that is where we got our Butterbeer! Yum!
Moaning Myrtle was in the girls bathroom! Crazy!
Definitely one of our favorite days!


  1. WHAT?!?! You went to Islands of Adventure and didn't go on The Hulk?? Greatest roller coaster ever! I have been known to ride Dr. Doom's Fearfall over and over and over going through the single rider line. So fun! I can't believe you didn't even go to that side of the park. But you rode the Dragon Challenge, right?

  2. Hahaha, thanks! Now I'm even more jealous. ;) This trip looks like soooo much fun!!

  3. And... (have I commented enough yet??) Your postcard photos are sooo cute! My kids would LOVE to get something like that from their new teacher!


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