Friday, July 13, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was great! It is actually different from Disneyland in that things are more spread out and they have less rides but we really enjoyed it!
We all wore our matching t-shirts on that day! Our shirts said, "To ETERNITY and Beyond! Hansen Family Disney World 2012". They were quite cute and fun to wear during the day!
We went on lots of rides but one ride we really liked was the Buzz Lightyear ride! 
And yes...I knew the camera was coming, that is why I look the way I do :)
 We took time to walk down Main Street and look at some fun "Souviee's" (What my family calls them). Aaron and I tried on some hats that were definitely winners!
 We ate lots of the yummy  food at the park including some of my favorites: Soft Pretzels and Churros!
 Got some great family pics in our family T-Shirs! Teal must be the "in" color this season because we were not the only family there in matching teal t-shirts.
 Mom and I enjoyed taking pictures and video-taping this crazy crew go down Splash Mountain a couple of times! The got soaking wet!
 Of course we had to ride "It's a Small World"
 We ran into some of our favorite characters and even danced with some in a parade block party.
 Got a Fast Pass for Peter Pan's Flight since the wait was up to 90 minutes!
 We loved watching the Main Street Electrical Parade and the new show they have at the Castle! It was absolutely amazing how they projected images on the castle and made it change!
We were definitely tired and sore by the end of the day, which means it was a great day filled with lots of fun!

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  1. Wow, you guys sure know how to have fun! I love the music videos Carlie made of your trip.


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