Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cocoa Beach

We spent a day at, "the beach, the beach" because we needed a day to sleep in, eat breakfast at IHOP and relax on the beach. We drove about an hour to Cocoa Beach. Sadly we picked the worst weather day to go and so it was not too warm which made us spend more time in the water, which was really warm! There was actually a time where the rain came pelting down and it felt like hail! Mom, Carlie and I tried to hide under our sandy towels until it was over! The beach was fun though because because you could walk far out into the water and still have it only go up to your stomach.
 The boys rented some boogie boards and had a fun time riding the waves!
 Haha, sorry Car! I had to!
 Some nice sand art work!
We only spent a couple hours at the beach but loved the time we did spend there!
As Carlie would say, "Lookin' Great, Feelin' Great!" ;)
 We then rushed home, picked up some pizza's and watched SYTYCD! A great end to a great day!

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