Thursday, July 12, 2012


So...all the pictures from our trip are on Carlie's computer and so when my family came up for the Wray/Hansen Reunions I was able to get some off of her computer, but not all. So here are some highlights from each day of our trip. Enjoy!

*You can view pictures and a more thorough update here from Chuck:
Saturday: Our flight left about 8am, arrived in Florida around 4, got our rental mini-van, hit up Chili's for dinner and checked into the Mystic Dunes resort where we played games and hit the sack.

Sunday: Fathers Day. Decorated the hotel a little, went to church in Orlando, ate the huge pile of leftover chicken fingers from Chili's for dinner...
Yes...that is all leftovers from our meal the night before...big portions my friends!
 Mom-Dad-Aaron-Aubrie all attended a "We are going to try to sell you a Vacation Club package that is really expensive" seminar that ended up being a one-on-one with creepy Ted who had a conflicting background and made us see 3 other consultants before we finally said we are not interested (but...we got free lunch, $75 and discounts on all of our tickets...saving us about $700, not bad!), we then headed to the town of Celebration (a little city created by Walt Disney) and it was ADORABLE! We totally want to live there someday! The houses were gorgeous, big, unique and many looked colonial with big wrap-a-round porches! Here is an example of one of the houses:
We then headed to bed early in preparation for our big week ahead!

Day One: EPCOT 
I think sometimes it would just be easier to let you look at the pictures but I will put some commentary to explain what we did :)

Our hotel was about 15 minutes from all the parks and we got up early and headed to EPCOT the first day! We were literally in the first row of cars parked and were in the front of the line to get in!
We ran and hit "Sorin' Over California" and then got a Fast Pass and went again right afterwards! Though the ride scares me to death, it was really fun!
We then headed to the Nemo ride, saw lots of cool fish and even got eaten by Bruce!
 We filmed LOTS of footage for our music videos over the course of our trip...I will post all of those later!
 We then visited "Figment" and lets just say...he was a lot cooler in my mind. I guess that happens when you haven't been there for 10 years.
 Then, of course, we had to go see Captain EO and relive Micheal Jackson's glory days!
 We then headed to the ride inside the ball and it was fun/interesting ride that kind of just takes you through the history of the world and inventions. Our favorite part was that it takes your picture at the beginning and then puts you on a body on a computer screen later as you pick your future life.
 We then visited our favorite person ever, Ellen DeGeneres, in The Universe of Energy. I probably didn't need a 40 minute presentation on energy but at least Ellen made it entertaining.
 The Family:
We then went and toured the countries, which was definitely one of my favorite parts! 
We also loved the chance to meet lots of different characters in EPCOT! Carlie was lucky enough to see her two favorites! We were first in line and got to take lots of pictures with Belle.

The Mary Poppins line was too long so we took pictures with her from a distance.
We then visited Canada which was so fun, though we were bummed that Justin Bieber wasn't on some of the famous people from Canada ;)
We then visited one of my favorite places...the UK!
We were then lucky enough to walk by this little hidden gate area where you could come in and meet some characters and take pictures with them. We got pictures/dancing video with some random characters:
And then we got an iconic family picture with Mickey and Minnie:
Here is us in front of the Eiffel Tower in France.
Here we are in Germany about to enter a delicious caramel shop! 
Crazy boys in Germany!
Tiki Shop?
Norway is one of our favorite places since that is where our heritage is! Yay for Trolls and Vikings!
Cool gifts in China!
We also went to America where we slept through watched the animatronics show about America. We then loved watching the final world firework show on the lake! Our feet were exhausted by the end of the day and we were ready to go home and sleep and prepare for Magic Kingdom the next day!


  1. Looks so fun! I've never been to Disneyworld...I need to go.

  2. Hooray! I've been waiting for this update. So excited to see more! (And now I'm wishing even MORE that we could go on a Disney trip this year!!!!)


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